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Youth speakers join NAACP, call voter ID a return to racist policy

Young speakers from the Forward Together movement joined Rev. William Barber II in admonishing Republican leadership for moving forward with restrictive election legislation in a Wednesday NAACP press conference.

Barber also compared House Bill 589, which the Senate will take up Wednesday afternoon, to historical efforts to curtail black voting rights in North Carolina. Barber, students, young adults and advocates raised their voices in anger at provisions that would stop pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds, institute strict voter ID policies and allow bigger donations to election candidates.

”The only requirement to access that right (to vote) is that you be 18, and be born or naturalized in this country,” said William Barber III, the vice president of the N.C. NAACP Youth and College division. “That wasn’t always the case. Now that we have it, we will not give it up without a fight.”

Recent New York University graduate Bree Newsome said before she went to Moral Monday this week she had focused her energy on the national Republican Party, criticizing its extremity. But on Monday she found herself joining the Forward Together movement. She found a similar extremism in her own state’s leadership, and was motivated to argue publicly against Republicans’ reasons for pushing the bill.

“Voter fraud is not what shakes our confidence in government,” she said. “This is.”

Barber offered a “history lesson,” warning that this session’s policies are repeating mistakes of the past. “The only difference is it’s got a twenty-first-century twist to it. It’s shrewder, it’s not as overt, they don’t use the N-word.”


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Did the poll ask?

You can certainly influence a poll in the way you ask the question.

For example, "ACORN filled out a voter registration form for Mickey Mouse. Should Mickey be able to vote?"

suppression, not identification

There's a difference between these two. Did the poll ask, "Do you support reducing voter turnout in NC elections?"

The polls, the polls

But I thought that the polls by both the liberals and the conservatives indicate that North Carolinians overwhelmingly support voter-id.

Got to love a good poll.

Voter ID restores electoral INTEGRITY!

but I do realize that 'integrity' is of NO concern to democrackkks in NC...

STRIVE to be SMARTER than any EVIL corrupt democrackkk WANTS you to be!

call it what it is: suppression

Please stop referring to it the way you do. It has nothing to do with identification; it's all about suppression.

Eliminating early voting suppresses the vote; it does nothing to identify voters.

Eliminating pre-registration suppresses the vote; it does nothing to identify voters.

Eliminating college IDs suppresses the vote; it does nothing to identify voters.

Get the picture? This is voter suppression, plain and simple.

Fed Up!

I have had it with these Republican lawmakers. The way they have shoved idiotic bill after idiotic bill down our throats the past few months is absolutely sickening. Everyday I wake up to find out some new piece of garbage has been passed or is being discussed.
Ending unemployment for so many, while horrific for those going through it, I at least partly understand due to our debt. Sneaking abortion legislation onto a motorcycle safety bill? Really? Cutting the education budget so drastically, while ending teacher tenure after our state hits bottom the 5 in education and your answer is voucher's to private schools for families that can't afford private schools while using taxpayer dollars to pay for it? How exactly does that help the public education system?
The biggest piece of garbage is what they are doing to hinder our civil duty of voting. It is purely obvious that not allowing a parent to claim a dependent student who votes away from home is trying to suppress turnout among college students. Add that to the end of Sunday voting and the reduction of early voting by one week and voting becomes much more difficult.
Even after all of that, I wouldn't be as upset if it weren't for the ending of pre-registering and same day registration. That is ridiculous. Tell me how in the world having a teenager be able to pre-register to vote, especially at the same time they get their drivers license, is a bad idea. Ending this ability only increases costs and wait times. We are going to have some very long voting lines once these laws are enacted but I sincerely hope anyone who is outraged by the acts of this general assembly stands in those lines to make sure all of these right-wing-agenda-pushing egomaniacs are put out of office.

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