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Andrew Young is free...for now

A judge threatened to send Andrew Young to jail three times today, but in the end didn't follow through on it.

Instead, Young and his wife, Cheri, are due in court again Friday afternoon for the continuation of a hearing that dragged on for hours today.

Superior Court Judge Abraham Penn Jones first said he was ready to send the Youngs to jail for up to 75 days for contempt of court. The judge said the couple had failed to be truthful about the number of copies made of a sex tape of former Sen. John Edwards and his mistress and about how many people have seen it, Michael Biesecker reports.

It was the fourth hearing Jones has held on the tape, and with each one the Youngs produced more material and more affidavits.

After he announced his decision, Andrew Young asked for a chance to explain himself. Jones allowed the former Edwards aide to take the witness stand. The questioning went on for some time, until finally the judge recessed the hearing and the Youngs walked free from the courtroom instead of being hauled off to jail.

Andrew Young previously said that he showed the sex tape to a producer for ABC and two book agents. After that, attorneys for Rielle Hunter, Edwards' mistress who Young says also appeared in the video, produced an affidavit from a ghost writer who previously worked for Edwards, Robert Draper of New York.

Draper swore in the document that on March 31, 2009 he and Young met at the Youngs' house. After Cheri Young had gone to bed, Andrew Young offered to show Draper the sex tape and played it on a big screen television in his office from his laptop, which suggested there was a digital copy stored on the laptop.

Young has turned over the original tape and a VHS copy. Federal agents have a DVD copy, but Young has sworn that other copies do not exist. He also did not disclose that he had shown it to Draper.

When the affidavit was brought up in court, Jones asked one of Hunter's lawyers, Alan Duncan: "Are you saying he lied to me?"

"Yes, your honor."

"That's a painful thing," Jones said.

"There were things told to the court," Jones said from the bench, "under oath, in affidavits, in testimony that turned out to be inaccurate. Right now part of me says they didn't tell me the truth before in this court."

In past hearings, Jones told the Youngs that if he found they were not adhering to his orders, he would send them to jail for up to 75 days.

Young's lawyers tried to downplay the discrepancy as a memory lapse, one of many Young has suffered throughout the course of the hearings.


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Abe Jones.... wTF?

Jones, are you just posturing for the media, acting all so world weary and frustrated and all? You cannot prove the Youngs have another tape, and what if they do? Rielle abandoned it IN THE YOUNG'S HOME for pete's sake, while they were RuINING their lives by providing her, the pregnant diva, with food and shelter. CLEARLY Edwards is paying for all of the attorneys to get the tape back because he harbors delusional thinking that he is going to make some huge comeback someday. Or perhaps because he doesn't want the kids to see it on UTube. Well he should have thought of that before he a)dropped his drawers and b) let Rielle-baby turn the camera on his Jimmy Dean. Message to Jones: stop trying to think this little drama is going to turn you into one of the elite players. It is not. They all think this is ridiculous. Dismiss it as a nuisance suit and move on. You will only make yourself look worse once your little jail time decision is overruled by a higher court.

Young is involved because???

Young is involved because this sweet little bottom feeding husband and wife team wanted to get rich of someone else's inappropriate behavior. The Young's behavior is just as repugnent. They deserve all the hassle that can be dished out to them legally in this life, and I sure would not want to be either of them when they stand before the final Judge and the one that really matters.
Worse than anyone in this whole mess though is Skeptical Girl and her idiotic comment about the Edwards deceased son. Take a good look at your self in the mirror, your immaturity is appalling. Even if this was some warped attempt at humor it went far beyond sick. But then maybe you found it amusing and powerful to pull the legs off insects when you were little. Get some help you really do need it.

For protecting and

For protecting and supporting SLEAZY Edwards Young goes to jail. Good for him....he deserves it all.

Andrew Young and the tape

Leave Young alone. If Edwards and his lover had been behaving, there would be no tape. Don't do anything that you would be ashamed for the world to see.

Show the tape

Your Honor
Why not just sell tickets for viewing the tape? Maybe you could recoup the TAXPAYERS money plus a little bonus. After all said and done, the tape needs to be viewed in order to believe someone could be so STUPID.


Isn't it strange that Rielle's lawyer and Johnny's deceased son are both named "Wade"?

Johnny-boy & Kookie-Cookie (aka Reille, Jaya, Lisa, Jo , Lisa

Let's all take a step back and think about who is bank-rolling Kookie-Cookie (aka, Rielle, aka Jaya, aka Lisa Jo, aka Lisa).

Further, Hiz Honah is a Dem, Johnny-boy's a Dem and Kookie-Cookie has been told she can get at the Young's $$$.


Judge wants it bad

that must be one heckuva good porno!

Call his bluff

" the end didn't follow through on it."

Judge Abe folded with a huff and a puff...He wants to continue more fun n games Friday.

Edwards & Hunter

Edwards & Hunter must have wanted to be seen or they would not have taped their session. Typical Edwards got to be the center of attention. He thinks he is so special everybody wants to see him having sex.

something really smells with this judge's actions

there is some grandstanding going on here
this case is not that important to send anybody to jail
seems like a kangeroo court to me

Ole Judge Jones is just looking for an excuse

Ole Abe is just lookin' for an excuse to send the Young's up the river w/o a paddle.

Where is Reille in all this??? Da Judge is protectin' somebody...he's out to get Andrew Young & his wife...(who had nothing to do with this mess)

"Draper swore in the document that on March 31, 2009 he and Young met at the Youngs' house. After Cheri Young had gone to bed, Andrew Young offered to show Draper the sex tape and played it on a big screen television in his office from his laptop, which suggested there was a digital copy stored on the laptop."

Who's paying this clown Draper to enter the game?

Here come the Judge ...

...unh, hunh...the judge is watchin' (the video), prosecutin', and auditionin'!

Hear ye, hear ye, here come the judge!

This is total B.S.

I'm no fan of the Youngs, but someone's promised this judge something if he hangs them out to dry. He's making John Edwards and Rielle Hunter look like the innocents here when everyone knows they're not. This is total BS! The lies and corruption continue, right John Edwards?

and the truth is??

he doesn't know

jones is a parrot of the attorneys

The Youngs

Why on Earth is this judge even wasting his time on this issue, does he not have better things to do? He must be auditioning for Judge Judy's job when she retires.


"Oh, Cheri Young, when will you leave us this time..."

Sick of Youngs Too

All of it should be destroyed as its worth is only in the prurient interests of the broadcast news media and the $$$, $$$, $$$s they will be pay to whoever possesses it. This used to be called pornography. So far they've just been talking about it, but its a sure thing they're bold enought to run it uncut at family dinner time. Judge, turn them off, turn them all off, forever.

The Judge is not a fool...

Why is the judge a fool in this case? He is doing what should be done which is send these liars to jail. Because it is a contempt charge there is no appeal. They do their 75 days or tell the judge the truth and he sets them free.

Easy, say you played the DVD

Easy, say you played the DVD in the laptop. Not exactly unheard of.

Send John Edwards and Rielle

Send John Edwards and Rielle Hunter to jail. What's the big deal over the sex tapes? Everybody knows Hunter and John engaged in sex. Hunter made the tape and abandoned it. Leave the Youngs alone and let them get back to their lives!

who is dumber

the youngs or the judge

right now its a toss up

let him send them to jail

they will be out before the appeal ink is dry

Jones is a fool

How did the *itch lose the

How did the *itch lose the tapes in the first place?

Change of venue?

Why would there need to be a change of venue? This isn't a jury trial. Just because the Youngs seem to lie just as often as the Edwards' doesn't mean another judge needs to hear the case.

75 Days?!

...this is REALLY getting ridiculous. Send Johnny-boy and Kooky-Cookie (aka Rielle, aka Jaya, aka Lisa Jo, aka Lisa) to jail for 75 days, not the Youngs!

I hope Andrew showed that tape to as many as he possibly could! Serves those two lying sybarites right (Johnny-boy and Kooky-Cookie (aka Rielle, aka Jaya, aka Lisa Jo, aka Lisa)..for the record).

Sick of Youngs

Quite right, henry, a change of venue TO SOME OTHER SOLAR SYSTEM.

Young lied about tape

With all that is going on in this Court Room. and I do not know any of the parties involved. It does seem that a change in Venue seems to be needed.

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