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WSOC invites Munger to debate

Mike Munger will be at a gubernatorial debate after all.

The Libertarian nominee has been invited by WSOC-TV and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg League of Women Voters to participate in a live televised debate in October.

Despite helping gather thousands of signatures to get the Libertarian Party recognized and garnering between two and five percent in polls, Munger has not been invited to the four other debates agreed to by Democrat Beverly Perdue and Republican Pat McCrory.

Munger is a Duke University professor best known for his comical critiques of the other candidates and their positions.

The debate is scheduled for Oct. 15. It is the last scheduled debate agreed to by the other two campaigns.

In mid-March, Munger said that he had been asked to appear at the debate, but he did not receive an official invitation until this week.


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Re: WSOC invites Munger to debate


THEY defend the activities in many ways, and always have! Its why we are so thankful for some alternative media now available in our once great state...too bad so many NC voters dont have a clue and remain too ignorantly indoctrinated to find the truth.

Re: WSOC invites Munger to debate

Good for WSOC! Who says the staid Charlotte media can't strike a blow for justice and fairness in press and politics every now and then!

Professor Munger will bring along loads of good suggestions about streamlining state government when he visits Charlotte for the debate. And if he has some ideas on how to get the Carolina Panthers back on track in 2008, maybe he could drop those off in the WSOC Sports Department.

In fact, one of these days, they ought to let some sportswriters and sportscasters host a big political debate. This might bring a much-needed deree of politeness, civility and sense of fair play to the proceedings. Can you imagine how nice it would be if a couple of Raleigh's sports journalism dignitaries served as debate moderators:

[A.J. Carr, The News & Observer]: "Wonder if I could ask you this one question..."

[Tom Suiter, WRAL]: "Let's go to the videotape! Folks, this could be the Boast of the Day."

David McKnight

Re: WSOC invites Munger to debate

"Munger is a Duke University professor best known for his comical critiques of the other candidates and their positions."

I know I've been kind of picky of your wording lately Ryan, and I realize the "best known" is referring to the what the average voter might know. But this description is both unfair and inaccurate. He's more than just a professor at Duke, he's Chair of the Poli Sci Department and he's got a list of publishing credits that should impress even a seasoned journalist.

Why don't we help the average voters get to know a little more about this guy?

Re: WSOC invites Munger to debate

For the record, why didn't the NC Press (sic) Assn. invite Munger to Asheville?


Re: WSOC invites Munger to debate

He got invited to a debate. I'm sure that still isn't good enough for the nuts supporting him, hell they probably want everyone else to raise money for him too since he can't do it on his own.

Re: WSOC invites Munger to debate

that should effectively turn the last debate of the cycle into a circus with Munger serving as ringmaster.

it is too bad he wasn't invited to all the debates, he could have articulated the libertarian postion and gotten positive attention.

this debate being his only real chance to garner publicity, he's going to have to throw political hail marys. So the debate should be entertaining but not particularly informative regarding Perdue and McCrory's positions and differences.

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