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Would donations force Newby to recuse on redistricting, other cases?

Political blogger and longtime veteran N.C. politico Gary Pearce raises an interesting point in a piece Wednesday. He writes:

“Looking at the big money backing Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby, a knowledgeable lawyer warns: ‘There would seem little doubt now but that Justice Newby will have to recuse himself from any redistricting case that might come before the high court.’

“The lawyer says Newby may also have to recuse himself from cases involving business or corporations. This lawyer writes:

“ ‘The reason is actually very simple: Judges should only hear cases with a completely unbiased view when the case reaches the court. It is obvious from the very statements of the financial supporters who have already poured $$$$$$ into the Newby campaign, including that of Tom Fetzer, that they expect Newby to vote to protect the redistricting plan passed by the Republican-led legislature last year.’”

It may be very unlikely that Newby would actually recuse himself from the redistricting case, for one, but it's conceivable that it would be a legal issue raised by an attorney.

The contest has drawn something in the neighborhood of $3 million total, counting up both sides. But the vast majority of that amount is being spent on behalf of Newby, including by GOP interests trying to protect the legislative and congressional redistricting maps they drew.


Here’s Pearce’s entire column:


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What about Ervin?

Same thing goes for Democrat candidate Jimmy Ervin, who also has the campaign support of partisan outside groups?

If not, why not?

Newby is Trashing Himself

After the dreadful campaign Newby is running, he should recuse from his office.  Accepting massive anonymous sums for his campaign for a seat on the Supreme Court smacks of bribery, and in Newby's case - it has been bribery on an enormous scale.  Paul Newby has his hand open for gigantic bribes.  Newby is not fit to sit on the Supreme Court bench - or any judicial bench.  Newby is nothing more than a crooked politician with his hand out for bribe money.

N&O's Daily Trash Newby column

You guys are certainly doing your part to trash Paul Newby every day.  Not surprised of course.  It's who you are.  It's what you do.

Hopefully the N&O's intense dislike for Paul will translate into lots of votes for him.

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