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Wilson says party funneled checks

A eastern North Carolina developer, fundraiser and Board of Transportation member testified that he gave checks to the Democratic Party that he expected to be in turn given to former Gov. Mike Easley's campaign.

Lanny Wilson said he and his wife wrote checks to the Easley campaign and were told to re-write the checks for the N.C. Democratic Party.

"It was my understanding that they would flow through the state Democratic Party and the Easley Committee would pay expenses," Wilson said.

Wilson said representatives of the Easley campaign told him it was legal to write checks to the party that were meant for Easley.

State law limits contributions to a candidate to $4,000 per election cycle. There is no limit on contributions to a political party, but checks cannot be designated for a specific purpose.


Jim Cooney, a lawyer for the Democratic Party, noted in his questions that Easley's campaign received no money from the party in 2004 and that Easley's campaign had made a commitment to raise $500,000 for a coordinated campaign with the party in 2005.

"Do you know what your money was used for?" Cooney asked.

"I do not know what the money was utilized for," Wilson said.

Wilson also testified that he wrote a $10,000 check in 2006 for the Democratic Party that he was told would be used to help Democrats retain power in the House of Representatives.

The check was sent to Ruffin Poole, an Easley aide and special counsel. Poole successfully had a subpoena to testify Monday quashed.

Wilson also testified that he helped Easley prepare for a meeting with Charlotte developer Gary Allen. Wilson advised the governor that Allen was interested in keeping his seat on the Wildlife Commission and that he was interested in getting a permit to build a boat dock in eastern North Carolina.

Wilson also suggested that the governor take credit for arranging a meeting between Allen and a Progress Energy executive who had control of property that Allen wanted to buy.


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Re: Wilson says party funneled checks

The state democratic party has some explaining to do also. Along with the leaders in the legislature and anyone appointed by Easley. This will be a long investigation unless the democrats stop it cold by convincing someone to plead guilty and take the punishment. They are going to throw Easley under the bus if they can to save their hides. And this all happened after the ethics reform was past. Boy, I am sure glad we had that passed, it sure made a difference. Looks like the democratic party may have to adopt an entire wing at central prison. I have not heard about any of the state democratic leadership standing up and screaming foul. I guess they are all at home auditing their own books and consulting with an attorney since this seems to be against the very laws they put in place.

I'm sure Pat McCrory did all he could!

Have you prayed to Jesus to ask what exact failing you're mad about yet?

What Would He Say?

How much did Wilson funnel last cycle?

He's used to paying for his seat. I'm sure Perdue didn't give it to him for free.

Perdue did the same thing...

...why isn't she being investigated?

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