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Why hasn't Wright resigned?

Thomas WrightWhy hasn't Rep. Thomas Wright resigned?

The Wilmington Democrat already faces criminal charges, multiple calls for his resignation and ethics hearings that could lead to his expulsion, so why is he staying?

One theory is that Wright, a self-employed EMS consultant, needs the money from his legislative pay. The Associated Press' Gary Robertson puts forward another today:

Wright's brother was one of the ''Wilmington 10,'' who were convicted of conspiracy to commit arson and to commit assault after a race riot in 1971. Label by many as political prisoners, the 10 were later were freed after a federal appeals court overturned their convictions.

Of course, Jim Black said his criminal cases were political too. 


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Re: Why hasn't Wright resigned?

the reason hasnt resigned is the same reason he felt as his crony jim black,that he is above the law. the rules everyone else live by are not for people are taxed to death why raleigh top guns pilfer our hard earned money away.we should feel some relief from taxes after the much tooted lootery came but we have received no breaks-after all the politicians need our tax dollars to fill the coffers that they feed from.
it amazes me how people like jim black,and yes mr.wright feel when they break a law, its no big deal. the laws are on the book and some of you guys help write these laws -never anticipating having the full brunt of nc general statues being levied, God forbid, on you white collar criminals.
mr. black arrogance is apparent in his sad attempt to shrug off the humbling experience of appearing before a magistrate. he and and wife just grinning and smiling as if they were unconcern and to add to the insult of his foolishness he had the nerve to retort you'd think "i had murdered someone" . wake up mr. wright you did murder the trust the people of wilmington and nc had in you. keep on grinning . i hope when you soon look over and say goodnight to jim black you will remember your words -"you'd think i murdered someone". ole jim played the same charade, do you remember where it got him. at least look and sound repentful.dont cover your crime with the attempt of diminishing the seriousness of your action. i hope your wife will still be laughing when they haul you off.
its sad you didnt just go ahead and resign -like your buddy- you think it'll will never happen to you. cause like so many criminals in prison they think they'll never get caught. well you did get caught with your hands in the cookie jar, so now. stand up and take it like a man.


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