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Who's at fault?

State Republicans have decided to direct outrage over the decision to admit illegal immigrants into the community colleges toward Gov. Beverly Perdue.

Senate Republican Leader Phil Berger and state Republican chairman Tom Fetzer have issued statements that seek to accuse Perdue of reversing herself on the issue.

"Despite her repeated claims that she opposes this policy, the Governor’s appointees voted nearly unanimously to enact the policy. This is yet another example of Gov. Perdue’s lack of leadership and peculiar priorities," Fetzer said in his statement.

Perdue says that not only has she not changed her mind, she has told the board members of her opposition to allowing undocumented students into the colleges.

"Each individual board member clearly understood her views," said Perdue spokeswoman Chrissy Pearson.

Perdue appoints 10 of the board's 21 members. Earlier this week, another state agency, the Building Code Council, voted not to lessen a code requirement for a special circuit breaker after Perdue expressed support for the devices.

When asked if there would be consequences for the Community College board members who changed the policy, Pearson said, "The governor believes the consequences will occur when the General Assembly reconvenes."


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Re: Who's at fault?

No one is at fault.

We now live in the age of Obama-Liberalism in which the teacher explains to us that no one is responsible for anything. (A no-fault lifestyle.) Once we accept that no one is at fault and accept that hope & change will bring only happiness will we find inner peace. I believe that highly educated illegal immigrants are our future.

Re: Who's at fault?

Informed, you're a paragon of bipartisanship, the voice of reason, and so moderate I just about can't stand it.

Thank you for educating me about both my divisiveness and how our President isn't even from here. You, Sir, are a genius (assuming of course that you work for the NCDP Irony Dept. If not, wow.)

You can't make this stuff up.

Re: Who's at fault?

GB, you're a poster child for the divisive politics which plague this great nation. I've never understood why liberals hated GWB, except he was in the way of democrats in congress who presided over the global financial crisis and are now plotting the the next 15 months of unconstitional undoing, until the next election puts a stop on the runaway socialist agenda of a Kenyan born alien who never applied for citizenship and who claimed to be a foreign student as an Indonesian on financial aid forms at Occidental College. Nothing good is going to come out of this presidency, except in your deluded fantasies. The sooner the voters wake up and put an end to it, the better for all of us, comrade.

Re: Who's at fault?

I knew it was somebody. After President Clinton reformed welfare, then George Bush increased it for new immigrants with his Texas Spanish speeches, I figured somebody would be mad. I just had no idea that George Bush increasing welfare for illegals to the highest level ever would be Obama's fault.

Actually, I did. I know your bait and switch better than you.

Now, when President Obama wants to decrease and restrict Bush era medicare/welfare expansions from illegals... Nooooooooooo. That's cutting money to seniors.

Is shame even in your vocabulary Republicans? I know winning isn't.

Re: Who's at fault?

Sugar Dumplin was watching from behind the curtain...she didnt even have to open her pretty little mouf.

Re: Who's at fault?

Nope, it's the Powers That Be. Of course, George Bush did their bidding, as did Clinton, and even Pres. Obama.

When the PTB wanted to cut costs in their factories, they reduced the largest cost, labor, by moving the factories overseas.

Some jobs, like lawn care and construction, are hard to send offshore. The answer to reducing the labor costs there is by bringing in cheaper labor.

The Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about wants the illegals here, so the border is not guarded. The next step is to make the legal, which, as you know, is what is happening.

btw - I'm not against aliens. If we can seal the border, I'll be all in favor of offering amnesty and increasing immigration quotas. But not until we can control the border.

It's the PTB, follow the money.

Re: Who's at fault?

George Bush?

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