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Who polled gay marriage issue?

Who polled for the N.C. Family Policy Council?

The conservative advocacy group today announced the results of a recent poll on gay marriage done by Advantage Inc.

The Arlington, Va.-based company has been described by the Washington Post as a "national political, fundraising and direct-marketing firm" that works for Republicans.

Its Web site describes its specialties as get-out-the-vote efforts, online town halls, automated messaging and survey research.

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia released the results of a similar poll on gay marriage in October.

A company spokesman would not give further information about the poll, citing a policy against discussing any work done for clients.


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Re: Who polled gay marriage issue?

I guess cornbread has never heard of George Soros.

Follow the bigoted money


Family Policy Council of West Virginia used same polling company and uses this web site and web template

Family Policy Council of North Carolina used same polling company and uses this web site and web template

And West Virginia rejected the amendment this year...again. Should we have the debate about whether WV is in the South again?

Of course, the NC Family Policy Council spun off new 501(c)4 organizations to hide the money, but it's the same folks. Tami Fitzgerald was staff at tax-deductible NC Family Policy Council last year and now is the Executive Director of "NC4Marriage"

Wonder if the reallocation of money to their new 501(c)4 is why John Rustin is no longer lobbying there?

Being a bigot can be expensive! Hope you make some money being a hired gun for some bidness folks, John.

Speaking of...who is going to poll on how willing people are to spend the $3 million in taxpayer money it will cost to put this Does-Nothing-About-Divorce amendment on the ballot?

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