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White House: Obama to visit Asheville after State of Union.

The White House confirmed Friday afternoon that President Barack Obama will travel to Asheville on Wedneday following the State of the Union.

Obama will use the visit to further agenda items that he discusses during his State of the Union speech, said Emmet Carney, chair of the Buncombe County Democratic party.

Obama is expected Tuesday to call for an extensive overhaul of the nation's immigration laws, push for greater controls to prevent gun violence and ways to boost the economy.

The White House said no additional travel details were available.


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he's coming to talk about nothing...unless he can talk about the Benghazi siege, and how he and Hitlary were AWOL after 5pm that day, then there's nothing else to discuss, barry...

We dont welcome murderers, Barack. You are an E V I L man.

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