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White House distancing itself from Edwards trial

The White House is putting some distance between itself and the John Edwards trial, which began today in Greensboro. Reporters questioned White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today on why the case was a priority for the administration.

When Carney declined to answer the question and referred the question to the Department of Justice. The reporter pressed again noting that the case started under the Bush Administration, so some conversation must have taken place with the Attorney General on whether to continue the trial.

Again, Carney referred the question to the Department of Justice before asking another reporter if she had a question.

Here is the exchange:

Q In Greensboro, North Carolina today, the trial of John Edwards got underway. It's being led by the Department of Justice. Why is this a priority for the administration?

MR. CARNEY: I would refer you to the Department of Justice, Bill.

Q Well, if I just can follow, this started under the Bush administration, so there had to be a conversation with the Attorney General whether or not to continue the trial or not. Do you know if the President was involved in that discussion --

MR. CARNEY: Again, I don’t. And I think this is a matter for the Justice Department.

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