Under the Dome

Where was Perdue?

As North Carolinians assessed the damage from multiple tornados that swept through the region Saturday afternoon, there was no word from the state's chief executive in the hours after the storm passed.

Update added at the bottom of this post.

Perdue's communications director, Chrissy Pearson, e-mailed a media release at 5:24 p.m. saying that the governor's staff was on "full activation."

"Right now we are obviously concerned for the safety of our friends and neighbors, and will anxiously watch the storms push east this evening," Pearson wrote.

However, Pearson did not respond to an e-mail or a phone message seeking more information about where the governor was. Perdue was not present at an 8 p.m. media briefing in Raleigh from state emergency management officials.

There was no word about whether Perdue would declare an official state of emergency, as often happens following a natural disaster. Local officials in Wake and Cumberland, two of the state's hardest-hit counties, made their own state-of-emergency declarations.

Reached on her cell phone at 9:06 p.m., Pearson said the governor had been out-of-state attending to a family obligation. However, Pearson refused to say where Perdue was or when the governor might return to the capital.

Pearson said she believed the governor was at that time receiving a briefing about the damage from the storm.

"It was not a good day for her to be traveling," Pearson said.

She referred additional questions to Mark Johnson, Perdue's deputy communications director.

Johnson could not immediately be reached.

UPDATE: Perdue's staff issued a media release at 10:16 p.m. saying she would hold a briefing in Raleigh at 11 p.m. She announced at the late night media conference that she had declared a state of emergency.


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hecker001, SonofWS and

hecker001, SonofWS and sftwareguy - you defended her yesterday.  Now where are you?


Explain to me why it's okay to lie to the people of North Carolina that it was a family obligation and then stick around for a Kentucky horse race.  I would like to know.

 "Even if you did not vote

 "Even if you did not vote for her, what more do you want? I want her to tell me the truth.  That she is at a Kentucky horse race and can't be bothered to come back home and do her job.


Good luck, Pat. But I doubt your opponent will be Bev.

Can't veto...

...because of bad weather; can't be reached about the bad weather because out of state for a "family obligation" (and NOW we find out that she's supposed to have REALLY been out of state to talk to a fellow Democrat governor AND watch the ponies run). Have we got this straight now? I doubt it! Frankly, other than being on a plane from Kentucky around 9:00 pm (apparently verified by an independent observer), can we believe ANYTHING coming from this woman OR her staff about Saturday (or ANY other day)? Think: head of patrol, head of parole, head of crime control and public safety, head of the ESC, head of the board of elections, head of infinitum, ad nauseum! Oh well, look at her predecessor AND her mentors. Does one need to name them? Did anyone REALLY expect any better? I didn't...but I did hope. She IS our governor. Too bad, she was NEVER really up to it.

Am I missing something here

I don't have a problem with the Governor leaving the state on personal business as long as she maintains contact with her staff.  Maybe she has an ill family member.. we don't know and it isn't our business anyway.  With today's communication network and all the available options (Skype, etc), you don't have to have your butt parked in the office to effectively manage an operation.

Also, you couldn't have predicted the specific severity of the tornado outbreak.  She did get back yesterday and was on the air.  She seems to have a competent disaster coordinator and the planning for these disasters is already done.. it is just a matter of execution.

Whether she is doing a good job is another story, but it isn't the fact that she was gone.





Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe there was a family issue or other personal emergency? Nice to be an armchair quarterback isn't it? Natural disasters and other crisis never seem to time themselves very well do they?

Dumpling's press conference

Amen to that.  She did appear to be in a bit of a stupor.  When I watched her pathetic performance it came to my mind as to how we ever elected such a person to be governor.  She is terrible.

She was in New Bern where

She was in New Bern where she spends most of her weekends. Things got hairy around here. Some damage around Havelock. A lot of damage in Greene County. I bet she visits Greene County because one person there raised a lot of money for her campaigns.  

On The Job

She has a responsibility to either do the job or get it done.  She did neither.

Most people would get fired for that type of performance.

Don't be troubled

When you have such an enormously inept Governor as this state does you should expect nothing less.

Until she is voted out expect more of the same. From her and the well more than 50% of us who think she stinks like Perdoodoo.


In answer to your question(s) ... No, I do not sit around my office on my days off...and no, I do not stay home or in my community every minute that I'm not working. I, however, am not Governor of North Carolina - [and one that already has a lousy reputation at that] - and it is because of Granny Bev [and every other politician in the country] that very few of us can afford the luxury of spending much time OUTSIDE of our homes or communities these days. When you are the "governor" of a state and something like today happens, you get your wrinkled butt back to the state you're "governor" of ... and make no mistake about it - SHE very well has that capability, even if none of the little people do. And now a quesiton for you - what position do you have in Granny B's dictatorship?

Where's Waldo??? Beyond Pathetic & Incompetent!!!

Yoh Pur * dunce.

If you cannot handle being gov, then step down.

In this day of cell phones, GPS, email & the internet. If you are awol; then you are in hiding. Who is your honey bunnie???

Are you back yet? Give us your cell phone so we can see where you where.

You are trying real hard to get yourself put in a federal pennitentiary. 

Are you still running for re-election???

As the Donald says "YOU'RE FIRED".

Did she tell Lt. Governor she was going to be out of state

If the Governor was going to depart the state did she tell the Lt. Governor?


Does this mean there is a split between the two of them?


Why do we have a Lt. governor if the Governor does not call and put them on standby during a crisis

Chrissy Pearson is the hardest working woman in NC

 Nah, Chrissy Pearson  is already doing the job of cleaning up poop left behind by her boss.  She just makes more money than the vet techs.  She earns it!!  Anybody that can spin away this much BS deserves every cent.


BTW, what out-of-state family obligation is Purdue on??  Her family lives in New Bern.  Maybe it's someone else but if I was visiting a sick relative out-of-state, then I tell everyone I was visiting a sick relative out-of-state.  Why the state secret?  No need for it.

Gov. Perdue: Give the Lady a Break!

I am troubled by the comments I see here concerning Gov. Perdue's whereabouts during the tornadoes this afternoon.  It seems to echo the continual, petty political sniping that goes on at the national level when all Americans ought to be cooperating to resolve some serious troubles.

And so, to those who commented negatively, I ask a question: do you just sit around your office on your days off?  Or do you stay home or in your community every minute when you're not working?

I just saw Gov. Perdue on the 10 o'clock news.  She was obviously informed, concerned and taking the steps she can to help the relief effort, which seems to have been well prepared and ready to go.  Even if you did not vote for her, what more do you want?

Madam Governor

What meds are you on, Bev? That press conference was a joke. You looked scared to death, or nervous as all get out. At least the EM Spokesman sounded like he had a clue.

Was she hiking?

Isn't that the same line the former Governor of South Carolina used?


A better question is "Who CARES where Granny Bev was? She demonstrates on a daily basis she cares nothing about this state or the people who live in it. And Chrissy Pearson should really think about a different line of work...maybe cleaning cages at a vet's office. 

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