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What's Skvarla think about global warming?

John Skvarla, the personable and accomplished new secretary of the state’s environmental-protection agency, has been evasive on the question of just what he thinks about global warming. Perhaps the fact that he suggests it’s still an open question provides the answer.

But here’s a more definitive clue.

His executive secretary emailed Department of Environment and Natural Resources division directors and senior managers last week advising them of a presentation that global-warming skeptic John Droz gave to a few dozen members of the General Assembly on Wednesday.

Droz, who was a real estate investor and has degrees in physics, mathematics and solid state science, also believes the global warming question is unsettled because scientists still argue both sides of the issue. The predominant view, however, is that climate change is real and that the world’s use of carbon dioxide and methane play a role in that.

Droz was scientific adviser to the group of 20 counties that tried to tie sea-level rise predictions to historic trends rather than climate science that predicts a faster rise and a bigger influence on coastal development. Droz, whose main cause is anti-wind power, is prone to exaggerated and provocative statements. His talk at the invitation of conservative legislators was about how science is being manipulated by special interest groups, which is an argument that some might turn against him.

“Secretary Skvarla asked that I pass this along to you for your consideration as an ‘optional’ event,” his assistant’s email read. Not clear if “optional” means optional or not.


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'Climate Change' IS nothing but a HOAX!

Will you people shut up about this crap? Climate constantly changes naturally, and criminal lieberal democrackkks want to fleece you of your money to perpetuate the LIE !!!

Quoting Sue Sturgis is

Quoting Sue Sturgis is itself a credibility gaffe -

Skvarla will soon fall in line with the libs around him. This story is careful not to claim the predominant view is that anthropogenic emissions are the cause of climate change - only that they may play a role. It does not mention the recent petition signed by 1000 REAL scientists (not pseudo-scientists called climatologists and others that couldn't pass their physics students) questioning the role of man in climate change. This is disingenuous reporting.

No doubt he has seen Art Pope's Papal Bull

declaring climate change a hoax

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