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What was Husband's libel?

Herman Husband was expelled for publishing a letter.

According to "The North Carolina Dictionary of Biography," Husband published a letter in the North Carolina Gazette, a New Bern newspaper.  The Dec. 14, 1770, letter was addressed to Maurice Moore, Jr., a prominent legislator in charge of a committee cracking down on the Regulators.

The letter purported to answer an earlier letter from Moore (which does not now exist) in which he blamed Hunter and Husband for most of the backcountry agitation.

Six days later, the House expelled him for libel. After his expulsion, "open violence flared in several western counties," the book notes.


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Re: What was Husband's libel?

That's me, liveblogging from the 19th century.

— RTB 

Re: What was Husband's libel?

Ryan - Thank you for your attention to the state's political history. The stories are both enjoyable and insightful.

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