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What it was, was a debate

Pat McCrory's not a fan of Andy Griffith's ads.

After critiquing TV crime procedurals at a debate today, the Republican gubernatorial nominee said that though he is a fan of "The Andy Griffith Show" and the North Carolinian's acting and his comedy albums, he's not big on his political activity on behalf of state Democrats.

"There is one political reality in North Carolina, and that is every four years about a week or two before the gubernatorial election, Andy Griffith the actor recommends one of the candidates," he said.

In the famous "Mayberry Miracle," Griffith backed Gov. Mike Easley in TV ads in 2000, and again in 2004. He also appeared in an ad for Beverly Perdue in the recent Democratic gubernatorial primary.

But McCrory said he wondered what Griffith's character would do today. He said Sheriff Andy Taylor would speak out about the "revolving door" in the criminal justice system, low pay of judges and prosecutors, and problems with gangs in small towns.

He even argued that Taylor would have a hard time with Otis, the town drunk, who used to sleep in the Mayberry jail.

"If he jailed Otis right now, Otis would have to go into a cell with maybe 15 or 20 other very, very dangerous people," he said.


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Re: What it was, was a debate

These kind of character FLAWS in Andy Griffith are troubling, when you'd expect him to be a smarter guy...but I guess those free jet rides help him
support the crooks a little easier...

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