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West Virginia Republicans in town to tout judicial public financing

Supporters of continuing public financing for high court judges Wednesday brought to Raleigh two prominent West Virginia Republicans to argue that North Carolina's law was a model for keeping the courts impartial.

Former West Virginia S.C. Court Justice John F. McCuskey and his son, Delegate John B. McCuskey, noted that their state had recently adopted a public financing law modeled after North Carolina.

“The perception of judges being bought, rather than acting impartially created a great distrust among the populous,'' said McCuskey, the former justice, who served on who served on the West Virginia Independent Commission on Judicial Reform. “Everyone agreed, Democrat and Republican, that something needed to be done.''

McCuskey, a Delegate and self-described conservative, said the business community wants to be sure “it will get a fair shake'' in the courts and this is one way of helping making sure it happens.

The McCuskeys were brought to Raleigh by the NC Center for Voter Education, where they met with legislative and judicial leaders, and testified before the House Elections Committee. They come at a time when both Gov. Pat McCrory and legislative leaders are considering proposals to abolish the nation's first public financing system for appellate court judges that was created in 2002.

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