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Weekend Roundup: Can Pat McCrory keep his word? And more takeaways

Like all political candidates, Pat McCrory made many promises in his campaign. Now comes the hard part. Can his keep his promises? Read more here and check out a feasibility study for his top goals.

More political headlines:

--Read Rob Christensen's six takeaways from Tuesday's election. See a huge graphic breakdown of the vote. And geek out on a precinct-level analysis.

--Should college be a meandering journey of intellectual exploration or a straight line to a good job? What’s more worthwhile for today’s undergraduate – Aristotle or aerospace engineering? Biotech or British lit? There’s no right answer, but UNC system leaders are thinking that college and career should be linked more closely for the sake of students and the state’s economy.

--Point of View column: As our new governor and legislature comes into office, some significant challenges await. Yet there is an opportunity to start forging a legacy that can impact our state for generations to come. Also: Where does North Carolina stand today?

--General Assembly leaders are laying out a business agenda they say is an extension of the work they did in the past legislative session, the first under Republican control in more than a century. But with Republican Pat McCrory entering the governor’s mansion, the next two years could include wholesale changes in regulations and taxes.

--The Road Worrier takes a look at Pat McCrory's transportation wishes.


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Can Pat McCrory keep his word?

So will we get a follow up on Bev?


Did Governor Dumplin' keep her word?

So why are you here?

If both of you believe the N&O does not report the news, why in the world are you both still here commenting on its articles? Why don't you both head over to FOX or whatever media outlet reports the news to your liking? 

Answer to your question

No, not the N&O.  This so called news paper stopped reporting the news years ago. They seem to see their reason for being as entertainment and to entertain one cannot simply report news but have to make news. Or in the case of the N&O, make UP news.

The greater question...........

Can a newspaper report the news without showing bias?

"Let me make the newspapers, and I care not what is preached in the pulpit or what is enacted in Congress."

 Wendell Phillips

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