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Was Perdue joking? You decide. Listen here.

UPDATED: Gov. Bev Perdue's off-the-cuff remark about suspending Congressional elections to focus on the economy went viral. Her aides tried to walk it back, calling it "hyperbole" and suggesting she was joking. 

Was she? You decide. Listen to the audio file here.

As background, her remarks came during a Q&A at the Cary Rotary Club meeting. A man in the audience asked Perdue what she can do to turn around the economy. (The question is not included on the tape because I didn't flick my recorder on quickly enough.) 

It led to a rambling 2-minute-and-25 second answer she surely now regrets.

Soon after it was posted, reactions came streaming in. Here's the official line from N.C. Republican Party spokesman Rob Lockwood:


“Listen to the Governor’s words, she wasn’t joking at all. The Congressional Democrats are wildly unpopular in North Carolina, so she may have been trying to invent a solution to save their jobs from public accountability.”

"If it was a joke, what was the set-up? What was the punch-line? Where was the pause for laughter? It took them hours to say it was a ‘joke,’ but when that flopped, it became ‘hyperbole.’ We’ll just call it an unconstitutionally bad-idea.”


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This is not the last time we will hear this idea mentioned.  This is a seed being planted in the public consciousness, conveying in rational garb the concept that voting is not an effective solution to solving problems.  There is a plan in motion to subvert our democracy, and this is one way they undermine our democratic values and beliefs, by introducing radical ideas as humble, half-serious proposals for improvement.  Other state leaders will soon present the same idea in different ways, and our national political leaders, rather than objecting, will admonish that all ideas which may lead to a "more prosperous and fair society" should be explored.  Then, they will simply suspend our elections under the pretense of progress, and dare us to do anything about it...  We are being lulled into a socialist revolution and too few Americans are sufficiently alert to understand how statements like Perdue's constitute a crucial element of the process.

Taxation without representation...

...equals TYRANNY.

If she was kidding, why would she hope that others would back her up?  If she was truely kidding, she would be HORRIFIED that anyone WOULD support such a plan!

Democratic Foot-in-Mouth disease is about to claim a new victim.

Perdue asking to hold off on elections

Let's put it this way. If she was joking no one was laughing. Of course, she is not the warmest character either so maybe she just couldn't deliver a line she found amusing.

Is there some grand conspiracy on the left? I doubt it and honestly who cares? They are proving day in and day out that they can't do much with any "plan" they put together so even if they were conspiring they would likely botch the whole effort.

the dems are desperate...

the left will try anything - and this is but one more show of stupidty on the part of the left.  The nation laughs at this governor and her comment... and can only hope the good people of North Carolina deal with this rogue politican who is part of the cancer that plaques America... between the stupidty in Washington at present, executive orders to make end runs around the congress by this administration and the democratic party, the failure to secure OUR borders, the hostilities shown to our Intel heroes by the doj, in addition to them removing the American Flag from the doj website and replacing it with a blackband, with questions still abounding about barry soetoro's background and millions being paid to cover it, with Fast and Furious taking new directions daily showing a cover-up, with this administation trying to sell our OUR 2nd Amendment rights via the un small arms treaty ban,  and outright criminal misconduct by the democrats and the left, and with the continuous spouting off of lies by the dnc, the current adminisrtation, and GOVERNORS LIKE THIS... isn't it time to force recall legislation in all 50 states so we control the politicans, and not the other way around which they are so badly reaching for! VOTE IN 2012... time to put sanity back in all levels of government and replace any and all who don't follow the Constitution or wish NOT to!     

Perry should drop out of the

Perry should drop out of the race and resign over the barbecue remark. Changing the Constitutional mandate for elections is a minor issue.


After listening to her on the audio file, it is certain that Gov. Perdue was not joking or speaking hyperbolically.  Furthermore, what she suggested is not a new idea among Democrats.  A prominent liberal blogger proposed this course of action prior to the 2010 election, when it became clear that U.S. voters would try to stop the “Democratic” party’s socialist agenda:

“For the first time in history, I feel that we should suspend an election until we can GUARANTEE the result of the voting would be fair and just. The only way such a result would happen is if the progressives maintained and, in fact, increased power in both the House and the Senate. Such a result will guarantee the implementation of our progressive health care, environmental, and corporate conversions...” ( ) 

Henry Mitchell, chairman of

Henry Mitchell, chairman of the Buncombe County GOP, could take a lesson from BEV and offer some reasoning for saying that "it" was a moral, legal, and personal issue and the party would not take a stand on the issue of topless in the public square and breasts exposed to young children.  By the way the Asheville Mayor just declared Oct 1 "gay day" in asheville and they are having a lot of cross dressing and same sex promotions along with a punching bag with a state senator on the bag.

They can beat us up but we don't take a stand on those issues.   I say lets do away with politicians and political leaders without guts to defend AMERICA.  The government has not business in your bedroom but why can you shove your bedroom activities down my throat and in the public square?

Rick Perry's barbecue line ????

So you (The N&O) claim Bev "was just joking".  OK .... BUT you just hammered Rick Perry for FOUR DAYS over his barbecue joke from 1992. ?????

PITIFUL even by N&O standards.

She is NOT Kidding!

Everyone please listen to this.  She is NOT kidding but as serious as a heart attack.  She basically seems to be saying let's suspend Constitutionally mandated elections.  If you want to suspend elections why not the rest of it.  Tell us Governor what other rights would you like to suspend?

No Hyperbole and also a knock on Obama's tool set?

Clearly the tape supports that she meant what she said and I doubt that Chris Mackey, Bev's spokesperson who tried to rationalize the comment as a joke, was even in the room.

Also, at the beginning of the tape, I think that Bev states, "I don't know if the President or if any candidate for President has a solid tool set to help us out..."  I imagine that as an Honorary Chair of the Convention, Obama will not be asking her to be a keynote speaker.

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