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Walter Dalton's education ad misspells his opponent's name

UPDATED: Democrat Walter Dalton debuted his new TV advertisement Tuesday afternoon only to take it down moments later. Why the about face? His campaign didn't immediately responds to questions.

But if you look at opening screen, you'll notice Dalton's campaign misspelled Pat McCrory's last name. Dome is not immune to misspellings -- hold your laughter -- but it's hard to think that Dalton's folks don't know how to spell McCrory by now.

The "hole" ad is apparently about education -- which makes the mistake even more amusing. No word on whether the misspelling contributed to the commercial being taken down.

Dalton spokesman Ford Porter later sent this comment: "As you noticed, an incorrect draft of the ad was accidentally  posted online. We were trying to make corrections to the draft, but ultimately were able to just upload the right version. The incorrect ad never aired on TV.  The proper ad has been uploaded, will rotate in tomorrow and will be up statewide by Thursday. "


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I wouldn't vote for McCrory -- or McRory -- for dog catcher.

McCrory is a crook either way you spell it, and I actually really like Walter Dalton's background and long-standing support for education -- but even I have to laugh at this typo and the placement of it. What are you going to do? You have to laugh. Mistakes like this provide welcome comic relief in the middle of election season and help alleviate the terror of, say, imagining what NC is going to be like under Pat McCrory and his rightwing buddies.


I am sure there is some poor junior copywriter or overworked proofreader at a consulting firm somewhere who is either now unemployed or having a very bad night, but I say -- leave 'em alone. These things happen. Let's move on to more important things. Like who the heck pays Pat McCrory and why is he so desperate to hide his financial ties from NC voters? It's just weird at this point. 

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