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Walter Dalton won't meet GOP rival's pledge to release daily schedule if elected

Walter Dalton said he would not release a daily public schedule if elected governor, unlike his Republican rival Pat McCrory who has pledged to do so.

Dalton, the Democratic lieutenant governor, said his policy is to announce public events to the media 24 hours in advance and he would do the same as governor. "I think we would generally continue to do what we've done," he said in a recent interview.

McCrory made the release of a public schedule a campaign issue earlier this year after Gov. Bev Perdue took an unannounced trip to Pennsylvania at the invitation of a fracking industry proponent. Unlike governors in other states, Perdue doesn't release a daily calendar or announce every public appearance.

Last month, Perdue was scheduled a speech at the Chapel Hill Rotary Club but her office made no mention of the visit. (The last time reporters attended a Rotary Club meeting featuring the governor, she suggested (in jest -- her office later clarified) suspending congressional elections for two years, sparking a fervor.)

"It appears that Dalton just wants to emulate Governor Bev Perdue’s scheduling secrecy, further cementing his BevPart2 reputation," said state GOP executive director Scott Laster.

A Dalton campaign spokesman rejected the Republican spin and said the release of a daily schedule is not a serious campaign issue.


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Concerned53, Moore Van Allen


Moore Van Allen has at least two lobbyists registered under the Sec. of State's website. They represent 7-8 major companies like Microsoft and the American Petroleum Institute. Maybe they are not the 2nd biggest lobbying but they are are one of the biggest.

So my question is:

Does North Carolina really want a Governor who works for a major lobbying firm from Mecklenburg County as well as a Speaker from Mecklenburg County who entrusts Charles Thomas to run his office?


By the way, is Pat McCrory a lawyer?



McCrory is simply pandering to the media.

Who really cares what his schedule is?  He will continue to do the bidding of Duke Energy and the powers that be in the republican party. 

Do your homework Wilmington Dem

You have lost all credibility as a spokesman for the Dems.  First, you confuse lawyers with registered lobbyists.  Now you claim that Thom Tillis is from Charlotte when he is proudly from Cornelius, NC.  To some, that is a big difference so do your homework.  Better yet, keep showing your ignorance.

So, let's get back to the topic at hand - what does Dalton have to hide by not wishing to share his schedule and/or who he has lobbied for?  Maybe too many under the table deals in the dark of the night for the owl?

Concerned53 should be

Concerned53 should be concerned with what companies are paying Pat McCrory to lobby like the owl says.


Does North Carolina really want a lobbyist from Charlotte as it's Governor along with a Speaker from Charlotte. It's the Myers Park mafia.

Another lie by a dem airbag

Wilmington Democrat - There you go again, putting out lies.  I will grant that Moore & Van Allen might be the 1st or 2nd largest law firm in NC with 300 "lawyers".  But you seem to confuse that with lobbyists.  Take a look at NC Public Policy Research, which lists the most influential lobbyists in the state and no one from Moore & Van Allen is anywhere to be seen.

I would also be careful with the topic of lobbyists over the next few months given the track record of Bev's son at McGuire Woods, Mike Easley, etc.  And would you care to expose the owl's (Dalton) involvement with "lobbyists" over his many years in Raleigh.  Who has been contributing to his war chest in addition to the trial lawyers and unions - as if that isn't bad enough?

WilmingtonDemocrat is clueless

Check out the Secretary of State Lobbyist Compliance webpage and tell us how many lobbyists work for Moore & Van Allen... I think you'll be surprised to find out you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.

Maybe outside of Pat

Maybe outside of Pat McCrory's home in Myers Park when he has all his fellow lobbyists from Moore Van Allen over for a bar-be-que.

Concerned53 - Did you know Moore Van Allen is the second biggest lobbying firm in the state?

See Walter dressed as the Fury owl mascot

I would like to know what public events Dalton even did over the past 3 1/2 years as who even wanted to see/hear him.  No wonder he wanted the gig on Saturday as the fury owl.  Walter, let us know where you will be impersonating an owl this week.


Will Pat McCrory release his

Will Pat McCrory release his list of lobbying clients at Moore Van Allen, the second biggest lobbying firm in the state.

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