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Voters would bring back Jim Hunt

If North Carolina voters could bring back a former governor, it would be Democrat Jim Hunt, according to a new poll.

A survey asked this question: “Which former governor would you most want running North Carolina right no: Jim Holshouser, Jim Hunt, Jim Martin, or Mike Easley.

The survey found 38 percent preferred Hunt, 15 percent chose Martin, 15 percent said Easley,   7 percent said Holshouser, and 27  percent were not sure.

“Given that Governor Hunt served four terms and in many ways created the modern North Carolina governorship, it's unsurprising that he leads this list,” said Damon Circosta, executive director of the N.C. Center for Voter Education which commissioned the poll. "What is striking is that one-in-four voters are unsure of which former governor they would most like to see in office today -- perhaps indicative of how many voters have moved to the state in recent years, and as such are not well versed in North Carolina politics form the past few decades."

Martin, a Republican, served two terms(1985-1993) as did Easley, a Democrat (2001-2009. Holshouser, a Republican, served one term(1973-77.)

The poll was conducted April 18-20 by Public Policy Polling of Raleigh of 796 voters and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percent.


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15% for Easley

Can a felon serve as Governor? As well as voter ID, this state needs voter brain scans.

Tooting Gubernatorial Horns

Were these "O-Fishel" ballots in this popularity contest? Which of these governors could best mark the occasion of WRAL meteorologist Greg Fishel's 30th year at the station?

Jim Martin might pick up a few extra votes on this score since the former Davidson chemistry professor and Charlotte Symphony member could invite Fishel over to Blount Street for a Tar Heel Tuba duet.

But Jim Hunt fans need not fret because Raleigh ace political blogger Gary Pearce does an exemplary job of tooting the former governor's horn both in his political columns and in his recent book on Hunt's accomplishments in office.

They should do a poll on North Carolina's all-time "Gubernatorial Field of Dreams" as the Old North State could use the leadership of an Ehringhaus in finance, a Broughton in administration and a Cherry in the improvement of health care and medical facilities.

Then those '50s and '60s governors Hodges and Sanford had commendable records on everything from business development and tourism to education and civil rights. Meanwhile, from agriculture and the environment to transportation and energy, it is likely that farmers, engineers and consumers alike could benefit from having another Scott keeping the Legislature on its toes.

David McKnight







The only thing worse than having Perdue for governor would be to reelect Governor for Life Jim Hunt. 


15% chose Easley.  That should be the headline.  I've lost all faith in NC voters.

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