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Voter ID, early voting have strong support

There is overwhelming support for the new law requiring voters to show a government approved photo identification when they go to the polls.

The Elon University Poll found that 69 percent of voters favored a photo ID, while 28 percent opposed it, and 2 percent didn't know.

There was a strong partisan divide on the issue with 94 percent of Republicans supporting it, 74 percent of independents, but only 42 percent of Democrats. There was also a racial divide, with 79 percent of whites supporting it, but 41 percent of blacks.

But the legislature's move to reduce early voting period from two and half weeks to one and half weeks was not popular with 50 percent opposing it and 37 percent favoring it.

The poll of 701 registered voters was conducted Sept. 13-16 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percent.


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