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Voter ID amendments pass/fail

Members of state House passed three amendments to the voter ID bill and defeated six on their way to debating the measure.

The explanation of the bill and amendment votes took more than 90 minutes.

The House passed amendments that would have the State Board of Elections distribute information about mobile DMV units in rural counties without full-time DMV offices; allow members of the state's Indian tribes to use tribal identification cards; and to waive the requirement for photo IDs for victims of natural disasters.

The amendments that failed:

Allowing students at private colleges to use their school IDs to vote

Allowing people who don't have an ID but who are known by two elections officials to vote

Establishing more verification procedures for people voting by mail-in absentee ballot

Allowing voters who have a "reasonable impediment" to getting a photo ID to cast provisional ballots

Having the State Board of Elections produce a voters guide that explains the new procedures

Allowing voters to cast provisional ballots by providing the lsat four digits of their Social Security number or date of birth

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