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Voller backs medical marijuana at rally

New state Democratic Party Chairman Randy Voller spoke in support for legalizing marijuana for medicinal use at a forum Tuesday, saying the issue should draw bipartisan support, Lynn Bonner reports.

"This would truly be something great for the state if we were to pass this during this legislative cycle," Voller said. Legalization of marijuana for medical use is pat of the state Democratic Party platform.

A few hundred people at a forum and rally at the Legislative Building were behind a House bill that would make North Carolina the 19th state to legalize marijuana use in some form. The bill would allow people to use marijuana on the recommendation of doctors, and would legalize and license distribution centers.

Though Voller and one of the bill's sponsors, Rep. Kelly Alexander of Charlotte, made a pitch for bipartisanship, that doesn't seem to be happening.

Forum participants were encouraged to push state Rep. Tim Moore, chairman of the House Rules Committee, to schedule a hearing on the bill.

The medical marijuana bill was sent to Rules this week, and Alexander, a Democrat, correctly described that committee as a place where lots of bills go to die, though not always.

But death in Rules seems to be holding true for legal marijuana.
When asked if he schedule a hearing, Moore, a Republican from Kings Mountain, raised his eyebrows and shook his head.

"No," he said. "We're not going to hear it. I believe in telling people the truth, and that bill doesn't stand a chance of passing."


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medical marijuana

My husband has stage 3 prostate cancer, with no conventional cure possible.After conferring with my husband's oncologist at Duke about available options to prolong his life, we made to difficult decision to relocate to Washington State, so that he could participate in a medical trial using Full Extract Cannabis ( the real name for marijuana is cannabis) Oil, which has been shown to not only prevent cancer cells from matastisizing,but, to actually kill prostate cancer cells. We chose this option because this treatment has none of the harmful, painful, and debilatating side effects of the other treatments that were presented. My husband and I are not here so that he can get "high", this is not a "recreational" activity, it is a way to prolong his life and improve the quality of his life. Please spend a few minutes of your day researching cannabis/cancer on the internet, it could save your life or the life of a loved one. Thank You, Kim Morera, Loving Wife.

Tim Moore

Do the will of the people..... This is Not About you this is about the will of the people.....Overgrow the Govt....

Compassion and the right to choose

Voller backs this Legislation because he is intelligent, and educated.
HB 84 has been sent to the Rules, Calender, and Operations of the House to die. Harvard Medical University has confirmed that Cannabis kills cancer cells, as well as the National Cancer Institute study which saw in clinical research, a 50% reduction in lung cancer tumors, to now deny any cancer patient young or old to choose a natural plant over pharma is genocide. Our own Govt. data shows that Cannabis has never, by it's use, killed anyone, vs. the over 400 thousand deaths a year from Pharma. Just google it, get educated, and help us get this bill out of Rules and to Health where it belongs.
Medical Cannabis is not about just smoking it anymore. The sick need a well structured program of Dr.s, labs, and caregivers to guide us in our treatment. Many of us were told we were terminal and are still alive today because we made the choice to take pure Cannabis plant extract. That is the new frontier and recently showcased Nationally on the Ricki Lake Show by a dear woman I had the pleasure of meeting in Washington DC, Cheryl Shuman.
Pick up the phones NC Voters, and stand up for your sick who need you! Thank You, Rebecca Forbes, CCC, Overgrow the Govt.

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