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Veteran Democratic senator considering bid for Charlotte City Council

Veteran North Carolina Sen. Dan Clodfelter may return to where his political career began -- the Charlotte City Council. "I've given some thought to it," he said in his legislative office Wednesday. "I think there are some important decisions facing the city and they're of interest and concern to me."

Clodfelter would run for one of four at-large seats, all now held by fellow Democrats. He's said he's been asked to run by "a fairly wide range of people," though he declined to say who.

Clodfelter, who served on council from 1987-1993, was once one of the most influential members of the Senate, even chairing the Finance Committee. Like other Democrats, he's seen that influence wane since Republicans took control after the 2010 elections.

He says that's not the reason he's considering a run for council. "If I were to decide to (run), it would not be about that," he said. Filing for the November council election opens in July. --Jim Morrill, Observer staff writer


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Tax cuts for the most rich.

I realize a lot of white people vote Republican anymore because that's what they just do. Also, I can see the Democratic Party isn't exactly a ball of fire when it comes to representing the interests of everyday Americans.

However, these new laws are so backward, so awful, so damaging to the people I would hope the majority either decides to vote Democratic as the lesser evil, not vote at all, or find some third party to support.

The Republican Party has gone crazy. There's no doubt about it.
I can see why so many people are dropping out of the democratic process.

It's simply not democratic anymore.

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