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United Methodists scold General Assembly, take stands on social issues

The North Carolina United Methodist Church has adopted resolutions on Medicaid expansion, family planning, homosexuality and a Philadelphia abortion doctor convicted of murder.

The conference, at its three-day conference in Greenville that concluded Saturday, also took to task the North Carolina General Assembly for a spate of legislation that run contrary to the church’s social principles, including voter ID, cuts in education, access to health care, putting the tax burden on the poor and middle class, and degrading the environment.

The conference supports expanding Medicaid that the federal government would have funded to extend health coverage to about half a million low-income people in the state. The General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory refused the expansion.

It also takes a position endorsing programs that benefit pregnant women and provide for family planning, advocate for the health of women, infants and children; and urging members to contact members of Congress to increase funding for international family planning to decrease mortality rates.

The conference passed a resolution asking the general conference of the United Methodist Church to drop language in its social principles that say homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching, and to affirm the place of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people within the church.

And the conference acknowledged “with moral revulsion” the crimes of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortion doctor convicted of three counts of murder in the deaths of newborn babies.


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Church and State

What happen to separation of church and state? Was this a political convention?

Not at Edenton Street

To be perfectly correct, the sad decisions at the Methodist Conference will have nothing to do with Edenton Street United Methodist Church's stance to love everyone but hate sin. It's pastors will never stoop to perform same sex marriages or teach that a homosexual lifestyle is consistent with the Bible. John Wesley would roll over in his grave. Jesus rose from His grave for homosexuals and all sinners. His call is for us all to repent. Edenton Street will stand on the Bible alone, not man's interpretation.

So tired of the UMC trying to be politically correct!

as a lifelong UMC member, it's getting obnoxious.

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