Under the Dome

Under the Dome is 79 years old today

Under the Dome may not be the nation's longest running political column, but if not, there are few rivals.

Dome celebrated its 79th birthday as a regular feature on Tuesday. The News and Observer began running the Under the Dome column on Sept. 3, 1934, where it then ran on the back page. It was called "Under the Dome, Capitol News and Comment.''

The lead item was on the effort underway by the State Merchants Association to repeal the three percent sales tax levy that the legislature had levied the previous year to help pay for the state takeover of the schools, the prisons and the roads during the Great Depression.

Dome noted that the N.C. Supreme Court would begin its fall term on Sept. 19th, and mentioned several business deals.

But it said things were really slow when Gov. JCB Ehringhaus was out of town.

"Today being Labor Day, the Capitol and State Department buildings will be deserted,'' Dome reported. "On Tuesday things will begin humming again. The Governor is due back in his office then. When he is gone Capitol news drys up. This is not entirely the Governor's fault, for he attempts to pick a vacation month when there is the least public business to be attended to. Lately governors have been picking August. More and more other state officials have been following suit; until this August things reached the point where if a person wanted to see someone in authority at Raleigh, Raleigh was the last place in the United States where he was likely to be found.''


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"Under the Dome" is a Great Source of Information

The "Under the Dome" section of the News and Observer is one of the most informative sections of the newspaper, and it is clear why it is now 79 years old. Keep up the great reporting. It is valuable.

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