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Uncertainty, clinic closings, lawsuits have followed abortion bills in other states

North Carolina would join a growing number of states imposing more stringent restrictions on abortion clinics if it enacts one of two bills still pending in the final days of the legislative session.

No one really knows what either of the bills would do if one became law since both require regulations that haven’t yet been written. But similar bills are increasingly showing up in other states, and are forcing some clinics to close or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on upgrades.

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Ban on Sharia Law Is Out of Step With Founding Fathers

The title of House Bill 695, commonly known as the anti-Sharia Law or anti-Islamic legislation states that it aims “TO PROTECT RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES GRANTED UNDER THE UNITED STATES AND NORTH CAROLINA CONSTITUTIONS.” However, many of the framers of the United States Constitution likely would find such a thinly veiled attempt to promote prejudice against, stigmatize, and stereotype Muslims as abhorrent. Consider the following excerpts from the May 2002 Library of Congress Information Bulletin:

• In a 1785 letter, George Washington declared that he would welcome "Mohometans (Muslims)" to Mount Vernon.

• Thomas Jefferson, campaigning for religious freedom in Virginia, demanded recognition of the religious rights of the "Mahamdan (Muslim)," the Jew and the "pagan."

Governor Pat McCrory would do well to follow the example of the framers of this nation’s constitution and keep the legacy of religious liberty in North Carolina alive by vetoing House Bill 695. A Bill that based on historical evidence, neither George Washington nor Thomas Jefferson would likely support and the American Bar Association explains is "duplicative of safeguards that are already enshrined in federal and state law."

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