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N.C. conservatives oppose Geithner, Holder

Two prominent North Carolina conservatives oppose two of President Obama's appointments.

Bob Luddy, a major Republican donor and founder of CaptiveAire, and GOP political consultant Marc Rotterman are among the 14 conservatives who signed a recent letter to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

The letter states that they oppose the confirmations of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Attorney General Eric Holder and "ethical and philosophical grounds."

It notes that Geithner failed to pay income tax in previous years. It does not state any specific objections to Holder, though some conservatives have complained about his role in Bill Clinton's pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich.

"This is a seminal moment for the GOP," the letter reads. "Will it continue as the party of George Bush, or will it return to its populist roots of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater?"

Oddly, the letter ends by asking McConnell to oppose the confirmation of "these three men," but it does not mention a third appointee.

Other signatories include the editor of, the director of the American Conservative Union, the publisher of the American Spectator magazine and direct-mail pioneer Richard Viguerie.

Update: Dome was inadvertently sent a previous version. The final version reads "these two men."



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A whole new era..........

So you don't pay your income taxes......

And then you look out the window and see these agents drive up. They come and knock on your door.

You're thinking, "Are they here to arrest me?" You open the door and the agent says:

"How'd you like the be the new Secretary of the Treasury? We couldn't find anyone else in the whole country who paid their tax so we have come for you."

It's all about change....pocket change.

Re: N.C. conservatives oppose Geithner, Holder

Change We Can Believe In!!!!!!!

I was not a big supporter of President Obama but this appointment of Geithner as Treasury Secretary is making a beliver out of me!

I mean.....if paying Federal income taxes is gonna be optional........then sign me up as a liberal Democrat!

I feel just like I have been to a tent revival and I just got the spirit.........and I promise to give more to the church if I don't have to pay Federal income tax.

This is change we can believe in! Heck, in the old days they used to put you in the jailhouse for not paying income tax. I'm already liking this new "New Deal."

Re: N.C. conservatives oppose Geithner, Holder

Okay, so the conservative coalition opposed two of President Obama's appointees, who were named, and one who wasn't. My take is the people have the opportunity to pick the third. This a chance I can't pass up. So the third unqualified dude I would like to oppose is Julius Genachowski, the President's pick for FCC Chairman. He has been touted for his insider role with the Clinton administration, and also lists on his resume a stint with the Harvard Law Review. And it's even rumored that he can't program his own home DVD. My goodness, people, how could the guy be more tainted? So I oppose him. Also, Bill Richardson, who flamed out before his first booster rocket started. And Hillary Clinton, who, as we know, is married to Bill Clinton. Pick your own if you like.

Re: N.C. conservatives oppose Geithner, Holder

What's the big deal? Did any thinking person really believe The Obama when he repeatedly chanted 'change'? The number of lobbyists he's hiring keeps growing and his vetting process appears to consist of rolling a set of dice. But really, who's gonna call him on it? the media? Bwahhahhahahhaha!

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