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Turlington elected to DNC

Ed Turlington, a Raleigh lawyer long plugged into state and national Democratic politics, has been elected to the Democratic National Committee.

He was one of 75 at-large delegates nominated by Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, the party chairman, and elected by the DNC at its meeting last weekend in Austin, Rob Christensen reports.

Also elected from North Carolina was Joyce Brayboy, the former chief of staff to Congressman Mel Watt of Charlotte.

Turlington was in some pretty good company having been chosen along with such major party figures as Elaine Kamarck, Maria Echaveste, Alexis Herman, Dennis Archer, Harold Ickes, Gerald McEntee, Anna Burger, John Sweeney, and Don Fowler.

Turlington was general chairman of John Edwards 2004 presidential campaign and was a top aide to Sen. Bill Bradley's 2000 campaign, as well being closely associated with such Tar Heel figures as former Gov. Jim Hunt and Sen. Terry Sanford.

He was apppointed to the DNC's Resolutions Committee. Appointed co-chair of the DNC's Credentials Committee was Everett Ward of Raleigh, a former executive director of the Democratic Party.


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Re: Turlington elected to DNC

you call Ickes and Sweeney 'good company'? they are WHITE TRASH anti Americans...

Re: Turlington elected to DNC

About time. Jerry Meek must be quaking in his new wife's heels.

Re: Turlington elected to DNC

What about John Edwards? Surely, Ed must've required him to be highly affiliated, right? (of course behind the scenes)...

Mel Watt? Did he take any photos of the Obama birthplace on his recent trip to Kenya? I hear they are building a birthplace museum...Rush Limbaugh might pay for it!

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