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Trying to stop Medicaid bill, AARP focuses on Gov. McCrory

The Senate considers a bill to block the expansion of Medicaid to roughly 500,000 uninsured North Carolinians but AARP of North Carolina is focusing its attention on Gov. Pat McCrory.

The group ran full-page advertisements in the Raleigh, Charlotte and Winston-Salem newspapers Monday (see link below) to urge its members and supporters to call the Republican governor and tell him: "Don't turn your back on hard working North Carolinians. Support Medicaid expansion."

Mary Bethel, a lobbyist for the AARP, said called the bill in the Senate a freight train moving fast down the tracks. But she hopes the governor will feel pressured to influence the action in the N.C. House and possibly quash the bill. McCrory has yet to take a position on the bill but he recently said expansion is not a possibility until existing problems with the system are corrected.


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