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Trooper zaps trainee in buttocks

A State Highway Patrol training officer apparently horsing around at the Wake County Jail last month stunned a trainee in the buttocks with a Taser. The trainee resigned Wednesday, but the patrol says they have no reason to believe it was connected to the Tasing.

It happened in the early morning hours of Nov. 27, when the training officer pulled the trigger of his Taser without a cartridge loaded. That makes a loud popping noise, but doesn’t fire the weapon.

Unfortunately, the trainee trooper’s startled reaction was to jump backward into the Taser, which stunned him, according to the patrol.  The trainee wasn’t injured.

The trooper was relieved of his duties as a training officer but remains working on patrol, according to the department. The patrol considers the incident to be serious, the spokesman said, and is continuing to investigate.

The department declined to release their names, citing the state personnel law. The department  did release more information than it was required to.

The patrol began its investigation after receiving an anonymous tip on Dec. 2.

It isn't known why they were at the jail. Jail records show no one booked into the jail that day by the SHP. The patrol says the incident occurred in the magistrates' area of the building.


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The SHP is completely worthless, it should be totally disbanded to save us taxpayers a big chunk of change. Maybe we can use their salary's to pay for 540 so NC can say a toll free state.

Mayberry RFD

When did the SHP hire Barney Fife? Barney certainly isn't training officer material.

poor judgment by management

This was something that could have been over-looked or handled with a warning.

Why did management choose to release this incident?  I don't care about a joke.  We all joke around sometimes, and this officer's actions weren't deliberate or designed to hurt anybody. 

I wonder if management would have been so forthcoming had this officer been accused of molesting a female, or having sex in his cruiser, or letting an intoxicated future female governor go scott free after she drunkenly wrecked her car?

This is a newsworthy story,

This is a newsworthy story, Why?  One more example of an out of control, liberal, entertainment outlet.

Tasered buttocks

This is not newsworthy; only silly!

What collection of clowns!

This just further illustrates the poor managment at the SHP.

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