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To the pawnshop...

State Sen. Bill Purcell and a family heirloom Civil War sword and buckle will be featured on an upcoming episode of Antiques Roadshow.

The PBS show is airing three episodes based on its June visit to Raleigh.

Dome's colleague over at the Associated Press, Gary Robertson, said he spotted an image of Purcell at the end of this week's episode, which featured a Chinese jade collection worth $1 million.

Purcell isn't sure which of the final two episodes will include his segment.

Purcell's sword was appraised at a more modest $10,000, he told Dome. The buckle was worth $5,000.

The items belonged to John Buchanan, a captain in the Scotch Boys, a Confederate regiment from Scotland County. Buchanan was Purcell's grandfather's older brother.

The Yankees broke the sword, which was later welded back together.

Purcell, 78, is a Scotland County Democrat. Roadshow producers were less interested in a diary that includes a day by day account of the battle of Fredricksburg, Purcell said. That item was appraised at $2,500.

The second installment of the Raleigh Roadshow is scheduled to air 8 p.m. Monday on UNC-TV.


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Re: To the pawnshop...

Purcell isn't fooling anybody. That was his Civil War sword.

There can be only one.

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