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Tillis backing Senate's rewrite of House gun bill

Looks like House Speaker Thom Tillis supports the House gun bill that the Senate rewrote. In a tweet over the weekend, Tillis directed followers to a National Rifle Association website that urges members to contact legislators to support HB937.

“Those like me who want HB937 passed: Check out this link from the NRA and help us get it done,” Tillis’ tweet said.

The bill originated in the House but only expanded places where guns could be carried in public. The Senate got hold of it and made a major change: eliminating the current background checks on pistol purchases conducted by county sheriffs, and rely on the federal database checks.

The N.C. Sheriffs Association opposes that provision. The NRA says it opposes a compromise that has been floated that would allow handguns to be transferred through licensed gun dealers, but require permits for private transfers at gun shows or other sales conducted not through licensed dealers.

The bill is in a conference committee to work out what its House sponsor described as technical changes. It wasn’t clear until now how the House leadership felt about the rewrite.

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