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Tickets for President Obama's speech at convention available Saturday

Tickets for President Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Charlotte are available to the general public starting Saturday, the campaign announced.

Starting at 10 a.m., those who signed up and all others can visit one of 12 Obama for America campaign offices to pick them up, on a first-come, first-served basis and one ticket per person. (See list below.)

Obama campaign volunteers won't have to wait in line -- their credentials are available today and Friday. North Carolina is the first state to distribute tickets to the general public for the Sept. 6 speech at Bank of America stadium during the Democratic National Convention.

Credential distribution sites for Saturday:

West Charlotte
 1560 West Blvd., Suite B 
Charlotte, NC
University Charlotte
 2750 E WT Harris Blvd.
 Charlotte, NC
130 E Morgan Street
 Raleigh, NC
229 North Greene Street
 Greensboro, NC
401 East Lakewood
 Durham, NC
Winston Salem
 8100 North Point Blvd. Suite N
 Winston Salem, NC 27105
Chapel Hill
 505B West Franklin Street
 Chapel Hill, NC
 230 Hilliard Avenue
 Asheville, NC
 214 A E. Arlington Street
 Greenville, NC
 4401 Wrightsville Avenue
 Wilmington, NC
 894-B Elm Street
 Fayetteville, NC
Rocky Mount 
2509 Sunset Avenue
 Rocky Mount, NC


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Oh my goodness

I find it amazing that any group of American people would gather in support of the biggest mistake in our countries history. barak will without a doubt go down as the worst influence on us throughout ALL TIME. It doesn't matter as most folks will be watching the Giants game anyway. To think that the distraction provided by a sports event away from where we are as a country is in fact more important that anything this jerk may come up with is disgusting. Which is exactly what the current administration is. Biden is a joke, and barak does even rate that level.


Maybe they are giving the tickets away because it's the land of the Free...maybe the Repubicians can learn a thing or two about making History availalbe to everyone despite their VIP status. The anti-Obama comments are from people who only want to hear themselves rant...who are you trying to impress?...get back on your golf cart and snikker at the man who will be your next Preisident 76 days from now.


you read the article to post a negative comment and you actually know how to use matches...that's good, it's the red end!!

confusing acceptance speech with the rest of the convention

Commenters are confusing the first three days of the convention at the TWC Arena with the final night at Bank of America Stadium, which seats 60,000 more than TWC. In Denver 2008 they also gave away tickets to the acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium so this is basically a repeat of the same strategy

Forced to GIVE AWAY seats! ROFLMAO!

Wait til Rush hears this!!!


Ooo - oooo - oooo, I need to get me a couple hundred tickets - they will make good kindling fire starter this winter!


Sadly, they're trying to give them away.

I'll just sit at home

and listen to my own teleprompter.

Can you use EBT cards to buy

Can you use EBT cards to buy tickets?

Sure is a change from the last convention

Sounds like a big change from all the hype of the last DNC.  As I recall the convention hall was filled with people dancing around like whirling dervishes shouting, "Obama is going to help me pay my mortgage."  As a matter of fact that is where the idea for Obamacare came from.  So many people were hurt in all that whirling 'round.  And the backslapping put another 3 or 4 thousand in the hospital.  It seems like all the hype of the '08 campaign has hit the pavement.  Now it is a chore to fill up the hall for another "Hope & Change" speech. 

Now it is all about manufacturing hype from a disillusioned Democrat Party! 

Sure that's not in Oihi...

Maybe that's one of the 57 states Obama said he visited.

seats for obama gig

now thats really funny.  the dems cannot even fill up the venue for the ruler's speech.  next thing you know they ll be attaching $20 to each admit ticket to get folks to come.


WOW....what a news item.  Will send wife to camp out at one location and I will camp out at another.  Gotta have these.....probably will be the best DRAMA performance since George C. Scott's PATTON intro speech.  Rumors are that the Assassinator in Cheei will use the same backdrop.  Instead of Kerry's "reporting for duty" line, he will say, "I, singlehandedly, hunted down and SHOT Osama....".  Speech will be blacked out in the Islam countries....

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