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Thorp speaks out on "complicated, convoluted" system

Holden Thorp had some parting shots for UNC-Chapel Hill in a recent interview with the local radio station, WCHL.

The station reports host Jim Heavner asked Thorp if he would change the governance process. Sounds like Thorp was just waiting to jump on that one, according to the Chapelboro website:

"Oh yes I would,” Chancellor Thorp said. “I think we have the most complicated, convoluted governance system.

“I’m sure in 1971 when Mr. Friday devised the whole thing, it made perfect sense. But to have two governing boards, both politically appointed — and I don’t think there’s anything you can do about the fact that in a public university you’re going to have a politically appointed board — but to have two boards where there’s always debate and some confusion about where the authority lies makes it very, very hard figure out the right course of action.”

You can listen to the interview at this link right here.


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UNC is outta control, has been for decades!

the MOST CORRUPT public university system in America, probably!

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