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The other 'Ken Lewis'

Free name recognition may end up costing Kenneth Lewis.

Lewis, a Chapel Hill lawyer and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate has a lot of work to do to establish name recognition across the state, according to poll numbers by Public Policy Polling.

A Dec. 11-13 survey of 593 likely North Carolina voters found that 80 percent of state residents are unsure of how they feel about Lewis. But PPP noted that in the Charlotte area code of 704, there are lots of strong opinions about "Kenneth Lewis."

Of the voters in that area code surveyed by PPP, 39 percent had an opinion, and many of those opinions — 27 percent — were negative. PPP's Tom Jensen postulates that Lewis may be a victim of his name.

There's another Ken Lewis, familiar to many in the Charlotte-area: outgoing Bank of America chief executive Ken Lewis.

Bank of America's Ken Lewis was once a popular figure in Charlotte, Rick Rothacker and Christina Rexrode of The Charlotte Observer reported.

A little more than a year ago, Lewis was hailed as the savior of Wall Street when he swooped in to buy Merrill Lynch on the brink of collapse during a frenzied weekend amid the financial crisis. At the time he called it a career-capping "deal of a lifetime," but by December he was trying to abandon the purchase as Merrill's losses ballooned. After regulators pressed him to proceed, the bank accepted more government aid and became a symbol for the nation's bailed-out banks.

There is plenty of time left for Chapel Hill Ken Lewis to show voters that he is not Charlotte Ken Lewis. Look for all of Chapel Hill Ken Lewis' ads and signs in Charlotte to include a photograph of the candidate.


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It Takes A Pillage by Nomi Prins

"It Takes A Pillage" like Nomi Prins says in her new book of that name.

Re: The other 'Ken Lewis'

Good Times.
Any time you meet a payment.
Good Times.
Any time you need a friend.
Good Times.
Any time you're out from under.

Not getting hastled, not getting hustled.
Keepin' your head above water,
Making a wave when you can.

Temporary lay offs.
Good Times.
Easy credit rip offs.
Good Times.
Scratchin' and surviving.
Good Times.
Hangin in a chow line
Good Times.

Ain't we lucky we got the N&O...
Good Times.

Re: The other 'Ken Lewis'

Thanks for the comment, bellaparola. I've asked our IT people to take a look.


* It appears to be working properly now. *

Re: The other 'Ken Lewis'

The links just to the right of this comment block all go to something about crafts. What's wrong with your website?

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Re: The other 'Ken Lewis'

I agree - these caricatures are AWFUL! Just use mug shots, for pete's sake.

Re: The other 'Ken Lewis'

Oh PJ, just because the N&O is making sure Elaine would be cast as the grandmother on Golden Girls and Ken Lewis was the youngest son on Good Times brandishing a whitehead on his nose, doesn't make them bad caricatures.

I kind of like them. They show heart, diligence and bias for what it is.

Does Burr get a new one too, or is it still the reasonable one from the last guy who could draw?

All in all, I rate this new arteest... "Dy-No-Mite!"

New Faces

Ugh. They are bad caricatures. Marshall looks like salmon that's been sitting our for three days and Lewis? Not exactly flattering.

At least Cunningham appears to be on the mark - over ambitious study body president turned used car sales - but still pretty bad.

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