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The new UNC Board of Governors

The UNC Board of Governors is changing in a big way.

The board, traditionally dominated by Democrats, will look more like the Republican-majority legislature.

Sixteen people recently elected or re-elected to the UNC board are all registered Republicans. When they take office on July 1, they will make up one-half of the board, which already had several Republican members.

The election of UNC board members this week in the state House was contentious, with Democrats criticizing the process and the lack of diversity among the slate of candidates. Of the 16 newly elected members, there are 13 white men, two white women and one man of Indian descent.

The UNC board's votes are typically not split along party lines, but the new board will have a 18-13 Republican majority among voting members, by Dome's unofficial count, plus one unaffiliated member. (There are currently three nonvoting members -- the student member, the immediate past chairman and former Republican Gov. Jim Holshouser, who is an emeritus member by virtue of his past service on the board and as North Carolina governor.)

The current board has 21 Democrats, 6 Republicans and three unaffiliated members among voting members, by Dome's unofficial count. (Two Democrats resigned in recent months.)

Leaving the board are: Bunny Sanders of Roper; Steve Bowden of Greensboro; Frank Daniels Jr. of Raleigh; John Davis III of Winston-Salem; Clarice Cato Goodyear of Charlotte; Charles Hayes of Sanford; Adelaide Daniels Key of Asheville; Ronald Leatherwood of Waynesville; Marshall Pitts Jr. of Fayetteville; and Priscilla Taylor of Chapel Hill. Dr. Cheryl Locklear of Pembroke and Gladys Robinson of Greensboro, now a state senator, had previously resigned.

Updated post reflects one additional member as unaffiliated.


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