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The Little Miss Sunshine bill?

A bill would study regulating child beauty pageants.

Rep. Annie Mobley, a Bertie County Democrat, introduced the bill to study pageants whose contestants are younger than 13.

The bill was highlighted by the conservative Civitas Institute's "Bad Bill of the Week" feature:

I am excited about the prospect of government forming the North Carolina Agency to Regulate Beauty Pageants for Girls Under Thirteen (they need to come up with a better acronym, though; NCARBPGUT isn’t catchy enough). Good thing there aren’t any real problems the government should be spending time or money on; like double-digit unemployment, a $3 billion budget deficit, or our state’s 70 percent graduation rate.

Speaking of acronyms, Executive Director Francis De Luca suggests calling the bill "Tots in a Regulatory Environment" — or TIARA.


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Re: The Little Miss Sunshine bill?

That post should have been "TOTS IN A REGULATORY ATMOSPHERE." Let my fingers get ahead of my brain. corrected to spell TIARA!


Re: The Little Miss Sunshine bill?

And to think North Carolina voters keep putting people like Rep. Mobley back into office, sigh!

Re: The Little Miss Sunshine bill?

Why not? NC regulates everything else. I'm sure the pols inside the beltway would tax a fart if they could figure out how to regulate it. ;-)

Re: The Little Miss Sunshine bill?

Um, "Tots in a Regulatory Environment" spells TIARE.

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