Under the Dome

The GOP workout regimens

Tired of being overweight and unhealthy?

Try one of the personalized workout plans suggested by the Republican gubernatorial candidates tonight.

WEIGHT WATCHERS: Bill Graham says he doesn't get enough exercise, but he tries to watch his weight. "I don't exercise as I should," he said. "I'll admit that."

MAYOR McSTRESS: Pat McCrory says he loses weight—at work. "As mayor of a major city, sometimes I use stress as a way to lose weight. That's not the way to do it."

RUNNING MAN: Bob Orr says he exercises three days a week, even while campaigning. "I certainly wouldn't recommend running for governor as a healthy lifestyle," Orr said.

PICKIN' PIG: Fred Smith said that he sticks to barbecue on his 100-county tour. "I make sure I don't eat any hush puppies or potatoes," he said.


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Re: The GOPorkout

I think we already knew Fred has an appetite for pork

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