Under the Dome

The accused: Johnny Reid Edwards

The U.S. Marshal's Service on Wednesday released the mug shots of John Edwards taken last week before the former U.S. Senator and two-time Presidential candidate pleaded not guilty to federal charges.

Edwards is accused of soliciting and secretly spending more than $925,000 to hide his mistress and their baby from the public at the height of his 2008 White House campaign. 

The politician's spectacular fall in the last two years has been the stuff of Shakespearean tragedy, or maybe a Lifetime Channel made-for-TV movie.

But the hair is still magnificent, the smile beaming at 10,000 watts.

UPDATE: For the sake of comparison, here is another head shot of Edwards, from the 1974 yearbook at N.C. State University. The hair is longer, but with the same sharp part and thick bangs.


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Can you say...

...NARCISSIST?  This guy still doesn't get it.  Amazing.

Another Proud Democrat Moment

Another major milestone in NC Democrat Progress,  mug shots and all the accompanying accolades.

You go dem's doing NC & Amercia proud.  All part of the 2 Americas


The Breck boy just can't get over himself!!!

Looks more like a drivers' license photo.

The boy just can't help himself, he just has that photo op grin every time someone points a camera at him, even if it is a mug photo op.

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