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Temporary financial aid for group home residents on fast track

Legislators on Thursday began moving a bill that will provide temporary funding for mentally disabled people living in group homes who were no longer eligible for Medicaid reimbursement for personal care services due to a change in the law last year that unintentionally excluded them.

House Bill 5 will head to the House floor for a vote this afternoon, and then be sent to the Senate.

The bill would pay up to $694 a month for up to three months to group homes with those residents. After that, the payments would be reduced to a maximum of $520.50 a month.

The payments will come from a $39.7 million fund set up to help adult care homes whose residents who were losing Medicaid coverage for such services as bathing, eating, dressing and taking medicine. The payments will only run from Friday to June 30.

Under federal pressure, the legislature last session rewrote the rules for how Medicaid recipients qualify for personal care services. That made it harder for people living in adult care homes and group homes to meet eligibility requirements.

Update:The House voted 116-0 to approve the bill.

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