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Tea party group picks sides, backs Senate tax bill

An influential tea party group is picking sides in the ongoing tax debate in Raleigh. Americans for Prosperity is urging state lawmakers to back the Senate's plan -- instead of a competing House bill.

The Senate will take a final vote Tuesday on its tax overhaul and send it back to the House. AFP wants the House to concur and abandon its own plan, which the Senate mostly discarded.

“The quickest way to achieve the strongest possible tax relief and reform is for the House to concur to the Senate changes to House Bill 998," said Dallas Woodhouse, the group's North Carolina director, in a prepared statement. "We encourage the House to take this bold step to pass significant tax relief and reform that will get North Carolina back in the game for jobs and business.”

Woodhouse touts how the Senate bill -- which is much more far reaching than the House version -- will could put the state No. 6 on a competitiveness ranking prepared by the conservative Tax Foundation. In his statement, he didn't criticize the House version but made clear it favored the Senate plan.

AFP is making a significant push to revamp the state's tax code, promoting the effort in television and online ads.


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This article is bogus

Just when WHEN is the media going to stop calling AFP a tea party?

The tea party was started as a movement in 2007 against BUSH.

AFP had NOTHING to do with it, was not there then, and is stlll has NOTHING to do with the tea party.
It is a group that is funded by people in DC.

They have NOTHING to do with the tea party.
So by reporting that the tea party supports this or that, you are spreading LIES and disinformation.

Please cease and desist on behalf of the legitimate MOVEMENT that has no representation by any DC group let alone AFP.

We also do not have candidates or collect money or deal with the IRS.

Your headline drew me here and frankly we are getting sick of it.

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