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Szlosberg-Landis to resign as Democratic 1st vice chair

Nina Szlosberg-Landis, the first vice chair of the state Democratic Party, plans to resign her post Tuesday, citing her differences in working with embattled party chairman Randy Voller.

In a letter sent Monday night to friends, Szlosberg-Landis, a major party fund raiser from Raleigh, writes that she believes she could be more effective raising money for Democrats outside the party organization.

"I have been very concerned about the direction and practices of the new chairman," she writes. "You have likely heard or read about some of the more public missteps, and felt that I could not accomplish the work I know needs to be done if I remain associated with him."

The resignation of Szlosberg-Landis is another indication of the difficulties that Voller, the mayor of Pittsboro, has had since his election early this year. He has been plagued with reports about past business debts from his real estate construction business, complaints about a fund raising trip to Las Vegas, his fund raising contracts with friends, and whether he was insensitive in use of the word "rape" in describing the Republican legislature's actions.

One Democratic activist, Frank Eaton, has called for the Democratic Executive Committee, to schedule a vote of confidence in Voller in August. 

Szlosberg-Landis, a former member of the State Board of Transporation under Gov. Bev Perdue was elected first vice chair the same time as Voller was elected chair.

In her letter, she said she will continue to raise money to help elect Democrats, but work through such groups as the NC House Democratic Caucus, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee which is working to help re-elect Sen. Kay Hagan, Lillian's List and the N.C. League of Conservation Voters.


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Questions for the very Smart "Heather"

"Heather" How do you know what Nina raised? Did you know she raised $50,000 in April for Jefferson Jackson. I was a donor and gave because of her call.

How much has Randy Voller raised? How much has he spent? How much has Jim Neal raised? How much does he cost? How much did the new appointees on the Executive Council raise? Please list them and the amounts if you can. How much did International Night raise?

What is the balance sheet? What is the balance sheet for Jefferson Jackson?

Nina has worked hard for many candidates and still does as well as events. What have you given to Heather? What have you done? How much did you give the party? How much did you raise? How much did David Parker raise? How much did Gwen Wilkins raise? Which is dang funny with her attack on Nina.

She is leaving a position because there is work to be done and this group at "NCDP" will never get it done, elect anyone or raise a dime.

Please respond Heather if you can remember your log in. Your name appears on no Democratic candidate finance reports or the party. or on the SEC.

Nina Up and Quit? Like Palin did?

Nina was elected by the Democratic Party as vice-chair of the NCDP because she said she could raise money, something she has not done yet, not one dime. She had never served as a precinct, county or district officer, but stepped straight to the vice-chair because she said she could raise money, to support the expenses of campaigning by Democrats running for all levels. The NCDP supports candidates running for every office in the State, State wide office, County level and Congress, the US Senate, all of it.

Now, after 4 months, she is leaving that job untouched, she never raised a dime to help keep the lights on in the Democratic Party, now she wants to raise money for someone else, keeping that money away from the Party members and candidates who trusted her and elected her.

It seems she objects to a Chair that works for the people of NC, who supports the opposition to the GOP run Legislature on Moral Mondays, who fights for jobs, Medicaid expansion, education and a clean NC. She objects to the man who spent last Saturday on a panel at the Civil Rights Forum in Greensboro fighting for dignity for NC's people, not at her country club.

It seems Nina Szlosberg-Landis objects to work, real work, like getting real Democrats elected. Fundraising is hard work. Rebuilding the party, uniting strong county organizations and funding strong candidates go together.

Real Democrats work. Nina found it was too hard, so she quit. It is best for the NCDP to learn that now, and move on.

heather stewart

The Republicans are going through a rough patch

I think the Republicans are going through a rough patch with these demonstrations but at least Randy has got their back. Randy may be the best thing the GOP has going at the present.

Voller's Unacceptable Tactics

After I commented on the May 24, 2013 Under the Dome story, “Robert Dempsey to take helm at N.C. Democratic Party”, a post appeared in another blog (Chatham County On-Line) by “Kleigh”, a political surrogate for Chairman Randy Voller. “Kleigh” stated that she made Voller aware of my comment. She also stated that Voller recorded a phone conversation with me (in 2006) and retained a copy. This was news to me. She proceeded to belittle me on topics ranging from my father’s suicide to my own struggle with major depressive disorder---information I shared with Voller during that private conversation.

What Chairman Voller failed to realize is that I am not ashamed for people to know that I struggle with depression. Nor am I ashamed for people to know that my father also suffered from this illness, which eventually led to his suicide. What IS shameful is that the Chairman of the State Democratic Party recorded a private telephone conversation in which I shared this sensitive information with him, retained the tape of this conversation for almost seven years, and then divulged it to a political surrogate for vindictive dissemination. Shame on him!

Judith Robb Bullock


Nina Szlosberg-Landis' resignation comes at an especially tough time for women in the NC Democratic Party. Her reputation as a savvy political fundraiser with a strong track record is just what our party needed to combat the Pope bankroll and the Koch Brothers deep pockets. It's generally expected by pro-democratic women voters to see women involved at the highest levels of the Democratic party leadership. Right now, the North Carolina Democratic Party has ZERO women on the executive board. This is a BIG problem.

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