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Sweet Baby James! A $100,000 per couple fund raising dinner

There was some major bucks paid out last week at the fund raisers attended by First Lady Michelle Obama in North Carolina.

The top price was $100,000 per couple event at the Ballantyne hotel in Charlotte to benefit the Democratic National Convention, reports Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times. That included dinner, a performance by singer James Taylor, and a photo with the First Lady and something called “a couple greet.” If you gave $50,000, you got basically the same thing without the couple greet. For $12,500, a couple got into the dinner, but no photograph and no greeting.

Earlier in the evening at the same hotel, a person could attend a reception with the First Lady and Taylor. The cost was $2,500 for platinum seating which included cuff links or bracelets with the convention logo, $1,000 for gold seating, and $250 for the cheap seats.

At the North Carolina Women for Obama reception downtown Marriott in Raleigh,  the basic price was $500. But for $5,000 a person could become a table captain (ten tickets and a photo reception) or $35,800 to be a co chair.


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These people are not rich

I don't think the people donating $100,000 are rich.  They saved this money a few dollars per week so that they could invest in good government.  Even on a small income you can save a lot of money by eating off the dollar menu and changing your golf ball after every two holes rather than one.  And a lot of this $100,000 donation was saved by switching auto insurers.  And think of the money saved by bundling cable.  These people are not rich.  Those who give to Romeny are rich.  There is a difference here and if you cannot see the difference then you probably are good at arithmetic and counting change .

Sweet Baby James

Can you imagine if Romney held a fund rasing like this? The N&O and every other main stream media outlet would be screaming. The tag line would be "Super Rich Romney and his Super Rich, 1%, Buyers."

$100,000 a couple, just for dinner? Where's the outrage.

Oh I forgot, these are Democracts and this is Obama. Pull out the hall pass.

Read more here:


OWS should target the democrat 1 percenters.

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