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Superintendent targeted after child's letter to her lawmaker father

A group influential with conservatives is calling on school board members in Lee County to fire Superintendent Jeffery Moss after he backed a teacher who asked her third grade class to send letters to lawmakers opposing steep cuts to eductation.

One of the students in the class was the daughter of freshman Republican Rep. Mike Stone, who got a hand-written letter imploring him to “put the budget higher Dad” so her school wouldn’t have to lay off teachers and forgo field trips.

After Stone complained, Moss backed the teacher. Letters were also sent to other elected officials, including Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue.

"If you're not interested in receiving letters from people in your district, don't run for public office," the superintendent said, according to WRAL.

In a media release, Americans For Prosperity state director Dallas Woodhouse suggested Moss "personally instructed" Stone's daughter to write him the letter and demanded that the superintendent's "immediate firing."

“A school system should not be run by an authoritarian and arrogant administrator that has clearly shown that using teachers and students as pawns is an acceptable practice," Woodhouse said, according to the release. "It is the responsibility of the Lee County School Board to make sure that this conduct ends now. The board should request Moss' resignation, and if it is not forthcoming, he should be terminated for cause.”


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Mike Stone

Now we have discovered that Stone bullied the teacher to produce the letters.  Here we have another individual using his position to bully an individual who is doing the job of educating children to write letters.  Teachers are tired of being bullied by children and by their parents.  I am sure that if Stone had been just a parent and the representative was of another party, he would not have cared.  I am tired of politicians bullying the common folk. Stone should be embarrassed, ashamed, and needs to apologized.  I am sure his parents did not raise him to be an arrogant bully.

Thanks Treepoe!

He's just another GOP, outLIAR! Stone's account seemed shaky from the start. 

No, most of us are terribly

No, most of us are terribly embarrassed to have him in Raleigh - he's such a joke.  But we know one day he'll do something that he won't be able to get out of and we'll be rid of him forever.  He won't be able to settle and keep the records sealed as he did before so that people can really see his character.

Stone is grandstanding

Stone is a miserable excuse for a legislator.  I hope the people in Lee  and Harnett County are proud they sent this idiot to Raleigh. But as a friend of mine said, it was a good way to get him off the Sanford City Council where he was destroying the city.

Mike Stone

Mike Stone didn't receive a letter from his daughter, he went and asked for the letter from the teacher.  The teacher never had any intention of him receiving any letters from the class - they wrote what they thought and then put ideas together to write one letter to send to elected officials via e-mail.  Mr. Stone's full intention was to get attention by making up a story that suited his purposes - he's already shown in his short time in office what an attention seeker he is.  He flat out lied and used his daughter to do it - shame on him!

Woodhouse: clutch your pearls before you faint!

Good grief.  It's like the Rethuglicans have to make up something to be shocked and offended about. 

Newsflash---there are people out there who disagree with you.  Get over it and get a life.

What's wrong with these people?

Hey Woodhouse and Stone - get over yourselves. Good grief - how about spend a little time on some important things, and stop grandstanding. The republicans have only been in power a short time, and already they're shooting themselves in the foot. 


Fire Lee County Superintendent Jeffrey Moss NOW...then bring him to Wake County. I like this guy's style.

spell check?


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