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State Sen. Forrester dead at age 74

UPDATED: State Sen. Jim Forrester from Gaston County, a leading advocate against gay marriage, has died. He was 74.

A physician and 11th-term senator, Forrester of Stanley has suffered heath problems for several months, according to his sister-in-law, Sally Beach.

On Friday, Forrester and family members went to the mountains near Valle Crucis where he suffered a weakness in his legs. They came home and he was admitted to Gaston Memorial Hospital for tests, reports The Charlotte Observer's Joe DePriest. 

 Beach said family members were by his side and that things “don’t look good.” He died at noon. A former Gaston County commissioner, the Republican lawmaker was first elected to the Senate in 1990. This year, he became deputy Senate leader.

Long a champion of banning gay marriage in North Carolina, he stirred controversy in September for calling Asheville a “cesspool of sin.” He also drew fire from gay rights groups. In an interview with The News & Observer earlier this month about the controversy, Forrester said he was suffering from health problems but did not elaborate.


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Log Cabin Republicans of North Carolina share sympathy with the family of the late Sen. Jim Forrester.  Calling upon gay ethics, the group cites that it is improper to malign the late senator at this sad time for the 1% differences that it shared with him.  This is a period, they say, to remember his family and his conservative principles.

"The evil that men do lives

"The evil that men do lives after them ..."


rip and may god bless your soul---you were wrong on the gay issue, but i hope god still let you into heaven.

Yes, God has a special place

Yes, God has a special place waiting for him and all other hate-spewing Republicans.  It's called "the hottest part of Hell."  At least he doesn't have to worry about being "offended" by gay marriage now. 

Not quite...

Actually, you're doing nothing but spreading hate and oppression.

Plenty of gay folks never issued a threat or slanderous word about the Senator just like not every anti-gay rights person takes such an aggressive and hateful stance as you do.

You make a point of seeking out articles concerning gay rights, including the October 4th, 2011 interview with the Senator and one has to wonder how empty and meaningless your life is that you actively seek to spread this kind of evil around the world. Instead of doing something to make life better for people you spend your energy doing everything you can to make life worse for some - Jesus would be ashamed of you.

Gays don't affect your life in the least and regardless of all your hate they aren't going anywhere. Nothing you can do will stop them and they will eventually obtain equality because there is no logical reason for them not to... only the blind, empty, hateful and unChristian hate-rhetoric ramblings of people like you.

So you're right - SOME gay people have acted with the exact same lack of tact, maturity and compassion that you do... but that doesn't matter because in the end your efforts will fail and until then you still have to live with the undeniable reality that gays are all around you, they handle your food, make the products you use, etc.

Oh, and for the record, I am 100% straight and happily living a healthy, heterosexual married life. I'm just not full of ignorant hate like you are.


A good and Godly man

God has a special place waiting in Heaven for him. I can't help but wonder if the stress from all the threats being made on his life by the radical homosexuals didn't contribute to his death. They can't deny it because the slanders and threats are posted all over the internet. Part of their "NO H8" campaign?

I can only hope

I can only hope that his loving spouse was by his bed in the ICU as he passed... a right he worked so hard to deny many North Carolinians.  

I completely disagree with

I completely disagree with this man's politics, but am still sorry to hear of his passing.

Praying for his family and friends.  I'm sure he stood for what he believed in.  I hope people can say that about me when I pass, whether they agreed with me or not.

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