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State division identifies savings -- but is anyone listening?

The state entity whose job it is to identify poor performance in state government has identified nearly $80 million in one-time savings and another $60 million in recurring savings over the past five years.

But state legislators have only implemented about $17 million in recurring savings and just $2.5 million in one-time savings during that time.

The General Assembly created the Program Evaluation Division in 2007 to weed out wasteful programs. Its most recent report to the Joint Program Evaluation Oversight Committee presented those numbers.

The division has looked at such issues as the N.C. Railroad, state aircraft, state attractions, vehicles inspections and vehicle emissions. It will be presenting a comprehensive five-year report to lawmakers next month.


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You are correct

PED is made up of out of state hires that know very little about NC and spend their time trying to justify their existance.


If the N&O really wants to dig dirt, they should publish the salaries of ALL the legislative employees like they do for the rank and file. Their salaries are criminal.

Don't assume who's to blame

Maybe Program Evaluation has so little to show for its taxpayer-funded efforts because often its evaluations are incomplete, its findings are unjustified, and its recommendations are unwise.

Ironically, PED will try via the forthcoming "comprehensive five-year report" to justify its own existence to the General Assembly.

What if it turns out that PED itself is a wasteful program?  Should the legislature cut it?

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