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Stam: You're gonna want to share this

N.C. House Republican leader Paul Stam hasn't voted for the House rules since 1989.

Stam, an Apex Republican, says the House rules don't allow full debate for the minority party. On Wednesday, Stam tried a different approach in making his case. He still complained that the rules would give Democrats overwhelming influence on the state budget. 

But he added a morsel to encourage Democrats to see things his way. Stam pointed out that whoever writes the state budget will be responsible for making difficult and unpopular choices.

"If I was the majority party, I would want to share that pain," Stam said.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Joe Hackney said Stam's complaints are "noise."


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Re: Stam: You're gonna want to share this

To know Joe Hackney is to respect Joe Hackney, to admire Joe Hackney and to wish we could clone him.

Re: I <3 Joe Hackney

I wonder why you know noise when you hear it.

Re: Stam: You're gonna want to share this

If Stam were the majority party, we'd be in worse shape.

The GOP controls South Carolina, and they're in awful shape.

Stam's idea of sharing pain is allowing cross burnings with no recourse. He was the ONLY vote against that bill in the whole chamber, and the House Republicans still want him as their spokesperson. Wow.

Re: Stam: You're gonna want to share this

On all other issues you fight so ardently for the rights of the minority. I am shocked to see you accept majority will here, truly interesting.

I <3 Joe Hackney

Gotta love a guy who cuts through the bulloney and calls thinks straight and clear.

Noise indeed.

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