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Stam: Board defied governor, citizens

House Republican leader Paul Stam said the decision to admit illegal immigrants to community colleges ignores some costs state residents will have to bear.

Undocumented students would be denied financial aid and would have to pay out-of-state tuititon rates. Stam said a study of the financial burden of educating illegal immigrants was flawed. And Stam said the policy does not account for illegal immigratns who take unaccredited courses at taxpayer expense.

"This decision to admit illegal aliens to our community colleges is an affront to the people of our state who value the rule of law," Stam said. "The board has defied Governor [Beverly] Perdue and the majority of North Carolina citizens. We have no objection to those of other nations studying at our colleges, if they have a proper visa. But the state cannot ignore the law."


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Re: Stam: Board defied governor, citizens

Last time I looked Clinton was a Democrat. Or do you not count conservative Democrats?

It is not my problem because the Democrats control all parts of our federal government atleast until the 2010 elections. But you are right in that Bush W. dropped the ball on immigration. He did have a little help from both parties in that effort.

Making illegals legal will cost us the house because with the small amount of money they will earn they will in turn qualify for and take all of those tax credits you guys have put in place. Plus all of the human and drug smugglers have shown how porous our borders really are.

Please stop blaming the past and do something about it now. Remembering history is important so you do not repeat it. But constantly harping on it blinds you to the present.

Re: Stam: Board defied governor, citizens

I have no problem with that Paul. It'd be a nice sting. We could get rid of the smart ones that want to better themselves, but you could still keep your gardener that knows his place.

No, seriously, you made that too easy. I have no problem with enforcing the law. What I will say is this isn't one of those Dem/Rep things. This never would have been a problem without Reagen, Bush, Clinton and Bush... all Republicans, at least Internationally, which is where ILLEGALS come from.

Kinda your problem. Thanks!

Re: Stam: Board defied governor, citizens

This is a simple problem. As illegal aliens come to take college courses, simply arrest them for breaking our laws and deport them.

Re: Stam: I like Illegals when in power!

Did Stam vote for George Bush that wanted more illegal immigrants and "temporary workers" for his business interests or John Kerry that wanted to move the National Guard to the border?

I'm getting quite sick of this revisionist BS history.

Just kidding: Stam was never in power. He's like most posters here. Loud and ineffectual.

Re: Stam: Board defied governor, citizens

yep, all Miss Bev had to do was peak out from behind the curtain as her
subs did her dirty work as usual...WHY do people just fall into her spell without regard to sanity?

Notsurewhere_NC, what about LA? I always say NC is more corrupt than NJ and LA combined.

Im ready to see some state employee jobs CUT TOO!!!

Festus, with that mentality I hope YOU have papers...

Re: Stam: Board defied governor, citizens

This power hungry nitwit appears to have no idea of the actual details of this issue. But one thing is for sure: Now that it is no longer cool to hate black people, these jerks have moved on to hating brown people.

No person is illegal.

Re: Stam: Board defied governor, citizens

Will ICE or INS be conducting raids on the college campuses like they do at pig, chicken and turkey slaughtering plants?? If not, why not? Will those in charge be fined as would owners of the slaughtering plant? Guess they are not too worried considering how ICE doesn't raid that often.

Re: Stam: Board defied governor, citizens

Yeah, that part about "board defied Governor" had me chuckling.

Baby Dumpling is a snake don't ever forget it.

Re: Stam: Board defied governor, citizens

"Board defied governor" ??? BS

Come on, Dumplin and the GA are responsible for most of the appointees.

Dumplin sent a brief note this week to the body that sets building codes saying she thought the new arc circuit breakers were going to save mankind. Guess what, all those sheep fell into line with Bev's wishes. If Bev really wanted this illegals in CC voted down, she should have opened here mouth and sent each member a note from the Governor.

Another nail in Miss Proactive Governers political coffin. Leader of the nations 4rd largest banana republic behind NJ, MI, and CA.

BYE Bev, enjoy the next 3 years, or until the legal taxpayer citizens of NC figure out a way to impeach you.

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