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Springsteen, McHenry and the K Street band

U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry, a conservative Republican member of Congress, did a little fundraising from a luxury skybox above a Bruce Springsteen concert in Washington last year.

Springsteen campaigned for President Barack Obama and has been a champion for Democratic causes. His songs rarely feature stories about members of Congress raising cash by renting skyboxes from industries they regulate.

But that's just what happened at two of Springsteen's Washington concerts last year, ProPublica and the Washington Post reported.

McHenry rented his skybox from an association of federal credit unions. The Cherryville Republican is a member of the Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit subcommittee.

UPDATE: McHenry spokesman Josh Kahn said the fundraiser was hosted by the House Conservatives Fund, a leadership PAC that that McHenry leads. The PAC paid full market price for the luxury box, Kahn said.


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Springsteen, McHenry and the K Street band

Is the point of this account to point out a disconnect between Mr. McHenry's actions and the populist bent of Springsteen's music? Speaking as a long time Springsteen fan, I can point to some contradictions in Springsteen's actions and his own previous actions and statements. At one point in Springsteen's career, he didn't want to play arenas with skyboxes, evidently because they seem elitist. He also made the statement in concert that "blind faith in anyone can get you killed," but has evidently adjusted that belief to include the modifier "unless it's a Democrat with whom I agree."

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